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Social artifact Tinder now allows you to use music for dating BI Chinese station reported on September 21st if you announced that you won’t and those favorite female singer Taylor Swift (Taylor Swift) the date, so now you have a chance to prove. On Tuesday, Spotify, a social artifact Tinder and streaming music service, announced a partnership to show you your musical taste on your profile page. Tinder now allows you to select any of the songs from Spotify as your "Anthem", is your own theme song. Potential dating objects don’t have to quit dating app Tinder to listen to the songs you choose. You can also get Tinder to show your favorite music artist on Spotify to show your music taste more fully. Tinder CEO Sean (Sean Rad) said that this feature is Tinder from the beginning to want something to do. It has been actively working with Spotify on the development of this feature for two years. "When people become acquainted, music played a big role." Ladd said, "you make friends with your favorite music. Music can reveal your personality and interests." Ladd said, Tinder this feature has two benefits. "The most direct benefit is that it can make people open the chatterbox." He explained. Tinder has been very good at introducing strangers, but now Ladd wants to go further and help people who just know to keep talking. This is one of the reasons why Tinder works with Spotify and photo sharing service Instagram. It lets people have something to say, let people say "Hi, hello!" Will feel nothing to say. It encourages people to talk in depth. The second advantage of Tinder music is not so obvious. Music taste actually affects the power of love. Ladd cites the results of sociological research that music has an impact on the ability to love, but he does not know how much the impact. Ladd said, Tinder will use machine learning techniques to gradually understand the impact of music on people’s ability to fall in love. A lot of people say that music does affect the way they choose to date. Tinder will soon get some useful data, the function in the end is really effective or curry favour by claptrap. This feature will be launched in every market where Tinder and Spotify are common. (compile LE) (U.S. Business Insider works related to the rights and interests of the Chinese exclusive Tencent Inc. Without authorization, shall not be reproduced excerpts, etc.. WeChat public number: BI Chinese station]相关的主题文章: