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"Sister sister" Lu Qian for love to interpret airuchaoshui Lu Qian – Sohu entertainment as Song Xialan Lu Qian married Sohu entertainment news by flute female media produced, directed by Xu Zongzheng, Siqin Gaowa, Yan Yi wide, since Lu Qian starred in the epic drama "sister sister" in Anhui TV broadcast, caused a warm response and gain a decent ratings. The play is set in a chaotic China, tells the story of the story between grief at separation and joy in union Yunnan merchants Song Haijing and three daughters. After 90 young actor Lu Qian in the drama as the Song family miss Song Xialan, a gentle virtuous, gentle but fortitude in the Republic of China. This is Lu Qian first challenge of the show, she admitted that she is a very good opportunity is also not a small challenge. Lu Qian elder sister to get married sacrifice for love is love destiny sometimes joke, in the latest episode, xialan can say life has undergone tremendous changes, in order to save the protection, elder sister, xialan made a surprising choice — the elder sister to get married, but this is all xialan the secret, she thought it was her to save tea to do the only thing. The next morning, xialan get married, with her mother and sister only a letter, they were all shocked to xialan move, love xialan Zhou Jingheng is heartbroken, but only this love buried deep. For the good and sensible Xia LAN, many viewers have said: this girl is really distressed. Lu Qian Qian Lu wine incarnation of Fortitude "wife from falling in love with you that day, I didn’t want to leave you," this is xialan on Lu Shaoyi’s confession, but the story is not a romantic marysue plot, Lu Shaoyi found the bride. Cruel will xialan away, and her life more acrimony, she is to create all sorts of obstacles though, xialan, still on him when he was drunk and obey in every way, more care not to undress. Because love him, choose the tolerance, choose to forgive. As Lu Qian said: This is the place where I was attracted by the summer haze, she kind, tolerant, although the appearance of weak, but the treatment of love is brave, persistent, single-minded. The next xialan life will be improved, and how the ashes, more exciting, broadcast in Anhui TV every night 7:35 "sister sister", we Be There Or Be Square.相关的主题文章: