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News-and-Society Single parents dating is the most practical and efficient way to go about finding your ideal match nowadays. But before you go and do register in an online dating site you must know about an essential tip that all online daters must learn about: Our free tip for single mums: Do away with any kind of timeline. Putting on a timeline, or acting pressured with any form of deadline diminishes the enjoyment of single parents dating. Love cannot be hurried. We can’t tell our hearts to fall in love at a certain amount of time. On the other hand, love cannot be put on hold either. You can’t tell your heart to wait until it feels any form of love until later on. Do not tell pressure yourself into thinking that you need to find and have a partner before your child reaches pre-school age or anything like that. Putting a relationship on a timeline would put unnecessary stress not only on you, but also on your partner. A timeline while necessary in some areas of our lives (like in work or baby’s feeding time schedule), only provides stress and pressure when you dwell on a certain time then obsess over it. Remember that the "quality" of the partner that you will find is way more important than any other thing or factor that you may think of. Now, we’re not saying that you should do away with schedules all together. As a single parent, it’s also good that you have a specific timeframe wherein you can watch your actions. For example, it is re.mended that you exchange e-mails for three to five days with a prospect, and if you feel that your prospect really has potential; then from e-mails you can move to online chatting using the site’s instant messenger. Chat with them for a few days until a week, or until you feel that you have gauged and looked into their personality even better. If he passes your chatting standards, then you can move on to mobile phone calls. Phone calls allow better real-time interaction between you and your prospect match. You can gauge their personality and then see if you truly match. If you feel like you truly match and that you are willing to meet him in real life, then you two go out on a traditional date. So see? While timelines can add pressure and stress, having a practical schedule could help you work out your single parents dating experience. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: