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Sichuan China Agricultural Exhibition Park to Chengdu agricultural fair experience of leisure agriculture in Chengdu is the "farmhouse rural tourism originated, over the years the farmhouse economy occupies a considerable proportion in agriculture and tourism. To this end, will be held in December 1st in the new Convention and Exhibition Center opened the fourth Chengdu International Urban Modern Agricultural Expo, set up a special exhibition of leisure agriculture and rural tourism promotion in Chengdu. By then, Sichuan’s first Chinese agricultural park, valuable ornamental fish, flowers decorated with beautiful peacock, etc. will focus on the appearance, the audience can also experience the Chinese style, western rural theme wedding. "Change the scenic spots of the production area, garden into a park, the product becomes a gift", leisure agriculture and rural tourism has become a city card in Chengdu. 2015, the city’s leisure agriculture and rural tourism tourists 95 million 192 thousand and 200 people, to achieve the reception income of $20 billion 6 million. After the first three exhibitions continue to build, Chengdu leisure agriculture and rural tourism promotion exhibition area has become one of the most popular attractions Chengdu, the most popular one of the highlights of the exhibition. The exhibition area of 800 square meters, divided into dancing Chengdu, the most beautiful village, leisure fishery, real experience, VR Association display area five partitions. One of the new leisure fishery exhibition area and VR experience is the two highlight. The leisure fishery area will showcase Chengdu City ornamental fishery and recreational fishery park; VR experience zone selection of Chengdu leisure agriculture and rural tourism sites and the most beautiful villages, the introduction of VR virtual reality experience, so that visitors like traveling in the countryside. Sichuan’s first "China Agriculture Park" — "Yufu home" theme park will also participate in agriculture. "A city park is a walled point, an agricultural park is an open area without walls." The Ministry of agriculture, the rural economy research center director Song Hongyuan to "Yufu homeland" awarding, the characteristics of this interpretation of agricultural park. It is reported that the "theme park in Yufu homeland of agricultural 4A grade scenic spot construction, agriculture and rural resources integration of villages, flowers and trees, water, planning and layout of" one axis and two heart three". "Axis" Jiangan ecological greenway, build ecological health care industry hydrophilic shaft; "two heart" happy garden, two hometown Yufu integrated tourism service center; "three zone" includes idyllic happiness ecological experience area, Fairview garden creative experience area and pastoral nostalgia Yufu experience area. At present, "Yu Fu homeland" Chinese agricultural park has the initial conditions of leisure, sightseeing, entertainment, sports, science, experience, catering, accommodation and other functions. Chengdu Business Daily reporter Li Xiuming相关的主题文章: