Shanxi announced the ten Internet rumors case mobile social platform into the hardest hit – China

Shanxi announced the "ten big network rumor case" mobile social networking platform into a disaster area – Beijing Beijing in September 19 Taiyuan Xinhua (reporter Song Lichao) Shanxi Provincial Public Security Department announced the 19 9 months of 2016 to combat cyber crimes and victories, announced the "ten big network rumor case". According to combing found that ten typical cases, in addition to 1 from Sina micro-blog, and the remaining 9 are from WeChat social platform, involving a circle of friends, WeChat circle, the public number and other ways. According to the Shanxi provincial public security department introduced 9 months of 2016, the Shanxi public security organs network security departments involved in clean-up of network harmful information more than and 300; public inspection through police, issued a warning information 200 (article), released rumor of Article 30, dealt with 30 illegal online rumors, warning users trouble 15 passengers through investigation; investigators investigate network 1057 criminal cases, arrested 1057 criminal suspects, effective management of a number of online security mess "". Meanwhile, Shanxi police also announced the same period, the ten major network rumors cases". 1, June 15th, the netizen Hu through its WeChat will not verify the false information related to "Taiyuan Xinlong Mining Bureau screenshot Development Zone District explosion" and forwarded to a rich video. In the absence of verification, the rich will be forwarded directly to the information, Taiyuan room world website owners forum Taiyuan forum, causing some Internet users panic. Taiyuan police investigation. After investigation, the WeChat content is rumor information, Shanxi city of Taiyuan province public security organs to rumormongers Hu and a rich, sentenced to security detention for 10 days. 2, March 12th, the netizen Lu in WeChat group said rumors: "on the night of March 12th Yuncheng will have more earthquakes, rumors quickly spread in WeChat group and circle of friends, causing users to panic. Shanxi City, Yuncheng province public security organs network police immediately involved in the investigation. After investigation, the content is a rumor information, according to the Yuncheng police rumor maker Lu sentenced to security detention 7 days of punishment. 3, August 4th, the netizen Zhang in the Sina micro-blog Post said: "Shanghai family convenience store clerk and customer dispute, make indecent actions and drawings. Verified by the public security organs, the micro-blog content is a rumor message. To this end, the Shanxi Linfen police according to rumormongers Zhang sentenced to security detention for 7 days. 4, February 16th, netizen Wang in WeChat group said rumors: "Liulin County appeared terrorists crazy, frenzied blow up all the way across the Lin Xian, please go out to a friend to go home to prepare". Related rumors spread widely in WeChat group and circle of friends, causing panic. Lvliang, Shanxi police immediately organized investigation. After investigation, the content is a rumor information, Lvliang public security organs according to the law of the king of all Internet users be fined 500 yuan penalty, and the education admonition. 5, June 6th, Internet users in the WeChat group saw a piece of news: Zhengzhou Affiliated Hospital: 1:48 yesterday, the 28 men and women infected with SB250 virus death". Choi claimed to feel fun, readily on the original information in the Zhengzhou affiliated hospital to peace in Changzhi相关的主题文章: