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Shanghai street, a free refrigerator food results…… Sohu news recently, the streets of Shanghai, there is a "share of the refrigerator," people will share the surplus food to others, while helping others and put an end to food waste. Every kind of food in the refrigerator has the mark of inspection, and the shelf life will be marked on the packing box to ensure the health and safety of food. As long as you have the need to take. Sounds very beautiful? However, some netizens questioned the "share the refrigerator, take food are not the people who really need help? Food safety issues in the end how to protect? This came from the people, by the people spontaneously filled the refrigerator, can carry public welfare and charity "trust"? Let’s take a look at what happens after the fridge is on the line…… "Share the refrigerator" on the line after this is a public organization modeled on the foreign popular "share refrigerator" and launched the project, was first introduced in Shanghai a district, this refrigerator Xikanglu from next to the restaurant owner. The boss has always been a pity for the wasted food in the hotel, but also very much agree with the concept of foreign food banks. So he took the initiative to contact the oasis charity set up a refrigerator. A part of food from the excess food store, the average daily supply of 20-25 continuous cooking, in addition there is also a part of his contact to the love business, free will is near the shelf life of food such as cakes, pastries, put it in the fridge. The first half an hour, no one came to take food… One after another, many passers-by stopped to look curiously. Later, the hotel put 1.5 hours of food in the morning will receive light, the afternoon of the evening before the release of the light on the 8. Almost no looting, no waste. Everyone just quietly opened the refrigerator to lead the food. They have workers on the construction site, and they have recycling waste. Once, to get food is opposite the site of the security guard, was a middle-aged man, very shy, that can get free after timidly took a. A mother with a child after school to share the refrigerator, ask the situation, give the child to explain, and then pictures in front of the refrigerator, want them to remember this moment. And let each of the children received a cake, said the recipients and to help others so that they understand the truth, and said after home with a surplus of food must let the children take over to the refrigerator. After sharing the refrigerator on the line, but also quickly got the attention of the public, became a net red. But the media and users of this refrigerator is very worried about the prospects. There are a lot of people say bluntly does not support the full promotion of sharing refrigerator". One of the important reasons is that they are worried that the people who come to collect food are not the ones who really need them. Free collection, will become a hotbed of corruption petty gain? Xikanglu hotel owner said he is considering placing food from time two times a day to four times. Because although there is no looting and queuing, but also the occurrence of food shortages. But the food shortage, partly because of the public to take food, the other is someone taking repeat..相关的主题文章: