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Shanghai is expected to regularly add excellent historical buildings in Shanghai and the fourth batch of the list of outstanding historical buildings of the announcement of the separation of the next ten years, during which there will be some historical buildings too late to enter the list, or even disappear in the past fifth years. On September 24th, academician of Academy of Sciences, Chinese School of architecture and city planning of Tongji University professor Zheng Shiling said in the theme of "city cultural quality and style of the" last lecture "Shanghai 2040", "in order to improve this problem, in 2040, Shanghai will establish normal protection object of the supplementary mechanism, regularly protection object." At present, Shanghai has implemented the most stringent protection system of urban historical and cultural heritage, initially formed a point, line, surface of the protection of the object system. Among them, the "point" refers to the outstanding historical buildings and cultural relics protection units, the "line" refers to the environment protection and environment protection (street) Road River, "face" refers to the historical and cultural area and environment protection in the neighborhood, and the overall level of protection, strengthen the historical city of historical town – the history of the village of historical environment the overall protection. At present, Shanghai holds 3000 small independent villa "for many visitors to Shanghai, the image of Shanghai is the edifice. In fact, Shanghai has a lot of Shanghai’s historical and cultural heritage worthy of appreciation, such as Shikumen, science hall. There are 1933 old field square, which was the last century in 30s slaughter farm, in 2007 transformed into a creative center, it is also worth promoting." Zheng Shiling pointed out that Shanghai in the historical and cultural protection efforts in the country, Shanghai is still preserved in 3000 independent buildings of small houses, many street features very clear, but let the old buildings, old area full of new vigor and vitality, also need to further repair and renovation. "In the past, Shanghai was called ‘Eastern Paris’. In the future, Shanghai will be committed to improving the living environment, enhance the cultural image, as a distinctive "Shanghai characteristics" of the global city." Zheng Shiling said, in the old district and the old building, we must pay particular attention to "creative" phenomenon, "Li Rutian Fang, because in the past the culture is not enough, it" creative "phenomenon is very serious, basically become a gathering, catering consumption." Similar to the transformation of the region have been transformed into restaurants and commercial areas, the loss of the unique cultural characteristics and content. It will be an important part of international cultural metropolis to build more people-oriented public space. Over the past 30 years, Shanghai has formed a higher density of urban construction in the urban development, the lack of landscape depth line. Zheng Shiling admitted, it was said that the city of Shanghai, like mushrooms, and even some people describe, Shanghai’s urban construction, such as bamboo shoots after the rain disorderly ‘long chaos’." Zheng Shiling pointed out that in Shanghai 2040, strengthen urban space management is also an important change. Shanghai city to re recognize the features from the perspective of space, emphasis on city space control "things, order and quality", in the city area of more than 6 thousand square kilometers, more than and 600 square kilometers of the city center and the metro in different scale respectively control. Re create the overall order, reflecting the characteristics of Shanghai, to show "because of the water and the coastal city, the integration of Chinese and Western International portal, innovation and opening up the modern"相关的主题文章: