Shanghai heating can only rely on shaking 7 strokes make you warm throughout the autumn and winter!-ca1816

Shanghai heating can only rely on shaking? 7 strokes make you warm throughout the autumn and winter! Small and roll almost late say you may not believe, is the bed the first move! (really cold, don’t want to wake up ah ~) boys, have the feeling of winter is coming… Although these days the weather is fine, but the goose, the sun is not a person with his home, there are thousands of years of unpopular cold air!!! In addition to the arrival of cold air, "love" in the Shanghai typhoon also comes to Shanghai. According to @ China Meteorological enthusiasts news, the next 10 days, the Northwest Pacific and the South China Sea will have 3 typhoons generated. One of the most noteworthy is that the east of Philippines, or the first born for the development of the 23 typhoon meari". The future "Mireille" in the vicinity of Philippines will move slowly, then there are two possibilities: one is high by the cold air out of the comminuted fracture, it can turn in the east of Philippines; there is a high die hard, it is a wandering into the South China Sea, near china. Think about it, when the typhoon "Mireille" mixed with the cold north wind, the cold and wet cool acid is simply to make people wonder what life ah! Even more frightening is that the typhoon rainfall with cooling, followed, Shanghai after a week are rain rain rain cloudy overcast rainy days ~ will be more cold, feel in November in addition to the beginning of the day, the back is really more difficult! Seems to be a little nervous? Don’t worry, in addition to wear me more cool (cotton trousers) warm ringlets in 7 strokes, let you warm the whole winter Oh ~ away properly drops first strokes often rub hands and feet and the weather is cold to cold, cold hands will feel the body is cold. Then we must often rub the hands and soles of the feet, massage Laogong acupoint and Yongquan, in order to improve the microcirculation of blood vessels at the end of the. Laogong is located in the palm of a hand clenched, rubbing a hand’s palm, the palm of the hand feel heat, and on the other hand, alternatively; Yongquan is located in the arch, quick rub with the palm of your hand, until the hot feeling better. Hands and feet do not send cold, afraid of this winter? Second strokes to go to work with the office of the office workers, weekdays exercise too little, you can choose some light, small amount of exercise, such as yoga, mountain climbing, etc.. Exercise when they feel some fever, sweating slightly. Exercise time from 3 to 5 times a week, every half an hour is appropriate. Go on a brisk walk, simply climb the stairs, jumping and so on are conducive to strengthening the constitution. And after the exercise, metabolism will speed up, so that the blood circulation faster ~ warm. Working people, let’s move together! The third recruit boys more than the sun, when the sun to bask in the sun in winter, it is very comfortable. It is best to be in the afternoon 4-6 points, the conditions can be about half an hour, while the edge of the sun by their own press, it feels very sour. While in Shanghai in the past few days of sunny, the sun together go go ~ ringlets seat windows on the south to work Oh fourth strokes to wear fitted clothing leggings, leggings, tight "bundle" in the legs, leading to poor blood circulation, make the body and the surface of the skin blood circulation slows down, man will be more serious when cold, but more vulnerable to frostbite. So guys, not wear too tight will be more warm Oh ~)相关的主题文章: