[Shanghai] crab is really not so bad, do not believe you try! – and Sohu lightscape

[Shanghai] crab is really not so "bad", do not believe you try! – and Sohu as saying "autumn, crab legs itch", from all over the country gluttonous guest come in a throng. But you really don’t think it is "bad"? Don’t get me wrong, it means a lot of trouble! Today let’s talk about how to solve it, the perfect crabs! Use the most classic crab eight pieces? The tool also need to eat crabs, too difficult, of course, there is also a direct and convenient method, with a mouth on the right, let you easily fix crabs! Xinyuan building for the first time cooperation and Fang Liang crab feast, featured Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs, for you to create a big crab feast, hold your breath, absolutely stunning your eyes and taste buds. Bergamot God (steamed crab claws) YISHION hand drawn crab meat as the main ingredient process cumbersome luxurious preserved crab meat with sweet taste called crab feast Jiapin jade Moyu (crab Liu Lusun) complete demolition of crab legs of the upper part of the fried meat compact, more delicate collocation asparagus. More satiety general appear fresh and color aroma and taste will not eat (fried crab meat) by the master hand out the trace of crab, fresh and pure heat and spices is in place to master the bright yellow cream and colourful yellow crab feast, has the rich gas taste, meet sense to the extreme, fresh is the Milky Way dragon liquid certain (Silver cream skin) crystal vermicelli And it fully absorbed the cream complement each other crab flavor, sweet taste tender and smooth entrance, rich creamy fleshy crab paste, eat into the mouth there is a sticky feeling Seafood Soup crab paste selection of fresh shrimp and sea cucumber reentry of Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs, fish and other seafood products crystal bright, bright color plump crab with Shanghai fresh penetration delicious, is a fresh Zile crab abalone tofu pure white tofu, infiltration in the golden crab in the little red orange yellow cream hanging on the tofu, with abalone slice entrance soft, like a silk slip into that extremely warm and oral is delicious crab crab noodles every day lead a person to endless aftertastes fresh demolition, plus a large number of crab oil fired a thick aroma. And do not stick a fresh thick shiny crab to the noodles in a mixed aroma blowing, fresh eyebrows are coming down with crab meat and crab small wonton thin small wonton skin perfect thick crab flavor, delicious soup to the mouth is the crab flavor, the flavor of reeky continuation, bursting crabs cold happiness, ginger juice and crabs are perfect, "Fang Liang crab feast" according to different tastes of customers, the development of the sweet vinegar and vinegar in health at the same time, more abundant crab fun. Crab feast ended, will serve you a cup of reeky "brown sugar ginger tea", it is intimate to enjoy. Selection of fresh ingredients, using fine cooking skills of the Xinyuan building "Fang Liang crab feast" will become the best choice for you to spend time with friends delicious. Crab feast相关的主题文章: