Shandong, Wendeng introduction of photovoltaic power generation projects poor households sun exposur-candle june

Shandong Wendeng introduction of photovoltaic power generation projects of poor households’ income in the sun "- Beijing new network in Wendeng in August 26, (Zhang Yulei Zhang Xiaohan) in Wendeng District of Weihai city in Shandong province after the village farmhouse on the roof, recently installed solar battery many black. These solar cells are part of photovoltaic power generation projects, not only can generate electricity, but also to bring economic benefits to the village, increasing the income of villagers. After the village Party branch secretary Jiang Rongshan 26, told reporters that they are the basis of the village industry gaps, lack of natural resources, rural labor shortages. With the help of the relevant departments of the Wendeng District, the village finance the use of special funds and self financing to build a village of 900 square meters of photovoltaic power generation projects. These equipment property rights, generating income and state subsidies to the village collective, as income distribution. These photovoltaic power generation projects can continue to generate electricity to protect the long-term effectiveness of poverty alleviation. Staff to install solar cells. Sun Xiaotong, according to estimates, photovoltaic power generation projects 1 yuan per hair, the state subsidies of 0.42 yuan, the national grid will be recovered by the price of $0.37 per degree. After an average of 350 villages can generate electricity every day of the year, the annual generating capacity of more than 130000 degrees, the average annual generating income of RMB 100 thousand yuan. Photovoltaic power generation project construction side, said Hou Chaoran, photovoltaic power generation is almost zero emissions to a 5kW photovoltaic power generation products, for example, the annual power generation of about 9000 degrees, equivalent to less burning of 2.5 tons of coal. Staff to install solar cells. Sun Xiaotong photo taken in Weihai District, Wendeng, like the village after the use of the same as the use of photovoltaic power generation projects to get rid of poverty in the village there are many. 12 poor villages in the region have introduced photovoltaic power generation projects, new projects that no pollution, low risk and steady income can be expected to create poverty alleviation total revenue 9 million 470 thousand yuan, driven 881 poor households income poverty. It is reported that in recent years, Weihai District, Wendeng innovative ways and means, the introduction of photovoltaic power projects to help poor villages out of poverty. (end)相关的主题文章: