Severe cold air in my city the day after tomorrow the low temperature -10 degrees Celsius-demonophobia

So my ice cold air tomorrow the low temperature of -10 DEG C about life daily news October 29th was slightly warmer, haze is "ready to". On Friday morning, the city city of haze. According to the Harbin environmental air quality publishing system, as of the day of 15, 12 air quality monitoring stations, 8 light pollution, Songbei took the station to severe pollution. In the next three days, Harbin to turn westerly northwest wind 3-4 grade, diffusion conditions. Although the next three days the air quality improved, but the cold air angry, 30 days, 31 days of evening in low temperature -10 degrees celsius. The expert reminds, Harbin Sunday during the day may appear in snowy weather. Due to poor water vapor condition and cold air in a hurry, urban or sporadic snow, but the quantity is small and scattered, not on the basic transportation what effect. The next few days, the cold air in our province continue to strengthen the offensive, the minimum temperature will be repeated low innovation, while bringing precipitation process, but the precipitation area and magnitude will not be great. Specific forecast, 29, the province is sunny and sometimes cloudy. 30, northern Greater Khingan Range, Yichun, Harbin, Hegang, Jiamusi, Shuangyashan, Qitaihe, Western Jixi, Mudanjiang cloudy with snow showers, cloudy elsewhere. 31, Eastern Jiamusi, Eastern Shuangyashan and other areas cloudy with snow, sunny and sometimes cloudy.相关的主题文章: