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Seven units for rural tourism and tourism poverty alleviation speech — Henan channel — original title: to exchange experiences and seek common development to create a "global travel" to bring about "global poverty" – Songxian county Party Secretary Xu Xin known as half half Ling Chuan "known as Songxian, in accordance with the principle of" Travel + poverty ", the formation of the development of the situation, to speed up the tourism driven out of poverty", so that the county poverty population decreased from 84 thousand and 600 in 2011 to 51 thousand and 200 in 2015. Songxian mainly take four models to promote tourism Poverty Alleviation: Scenic + village mode, driven by local people to get rid of poverty. Songxian plans to invest 1 billion 600 million yuan to implement the tourism development projects, promote the national tourist resort Baiyun Mountain, Tianchi mountain Zagreb ridge Ecological Tourism Zone Six tourism scenic area, enhance the radiation effect, to achieve employment Huimin min, entrepreneurship and development. The "company + farmers" model, from the "blood transfusion" to "hematopoietic help" change. In addition to the establishment of Songxian tourism development company, let the poor households possession of the company shares, promote enterprise poverty alleviation, but also the implementation of the "leading enterprises + cooperatives + farmers" mode, on behalf of the interests of farmers set up cooperatives and cooperate with the relevant enterprises to drive people out of poverty. To travel + social welfare model, bringing together help poverty alleviation. Helping a poor family, Songxian landscape you travel precise poverty relief charity launched a large public love activities, led by the love and love of voluntary help enterprises. The "Travel + beautiful countryside" mode, to create "global travel" drives "global poverty". Vigorously implement the "572510" project, the overall drive to eat live line travel, shopping and entertainment and other related industries, to achieve global poverty". To promote poverty alleviation of rural tourism to accelerate the pace of poverty alleviation. Accurate Lushi County Deputy Secretary Qiao Jianhou in the "Central Plains" Emerald "Chinese Baijia Town deep breath" said Lushi County, rural tourism has become an important starting point for stimulating people become rich "happiness engine" and get rid of poverty. At present, Lushi County Rural Tourism operators reached more than 2 thousand households, driven by the employment population of more than 16 thousand people, of which more than 1/3 of the poor, the annual per capita income of more than 15 thousand yuan. In the process of speeding up the process of poverty alleviation, Lushi efforts to achieve the five belt, adhere to the four focus". The details are as follows: "five zones" are: planning guide, adhere to the layout of the tourism industry and the precise combination of poverty; with the scenic village, adhere to the development of tourist attractions and farmers and local employment combination; hotshots with households, enterprises adhere to the mass demonstration and poverty in the combine; industry zone, adhere to industry support and participation of the masses the combination of multi drive, to promote high; combined with the sectoral linkage. Finally, through the above tourism poverty alleviation new ways to accelerate the pace of poverty alleviation. At the same time, strengthen policy support, financial support, financial support and project support, do a good job in tackling the poverty alleviation. "Four focus" are: pay attention to the protection of ecological culture, focus on improving the rural environment, focusing on the development of industrial integration, focus on poverty alleviation, Zhi Zhi相关的主题文章: