September Hainan Province Tourism Management Regulations the implementation of the development of sc liuxiaobo

September "Hainan Province Tourism Management Regulations" the implementation of the development of scenic spots urged upgrade – rule of Law — original title: the new threshold for new opportunities to create a more beautiful "scenery line" recently, the newly revised "Hainan Province Tourism Management Regulations" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations") won the fifth Hainan Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee of the twenty-second through the meeting, and will come into force on September 1st, many of which have aroused widespread concern in the industry. The Provincial Tourism Commission official said, compared with the original "Hainan province tourism scenic spots management regulations", the introduction of the "Regulations" from the establishment of tourism scenic area comprehensive tourism development concept, strengthening tourism development planning and management, optimize the development environment, strengthen the tourism scenic tourist attractions in key areas of safety supervision, strengthen tourism management efforts to strengthen the tourism scenic civilized management, strictly regulate the price of tourism scenic spots such as the ten major aspects of the further strengthening and standardizing and improving. In some industry insiders, the "Regulations" for the Hainan scenic area for the development of both opportunities and challenges are also expected to solve the existing problems in the development of the Hainan scenic area of Hainan scenic area, urged the upgrade and optimization of development. Government and enterprises work together to promote global tourism Hainan tourism research institute director Yang Zhekun for the newly revised "Regulations" is the biggest feeling in the future, the Hainan scenic area is no longer a single point, and will get the full support of the government in the unified planning, improve infrastructure, public order management and so on, and ultimately to create global tourism. To this end, the "Regulations" of tourism development and construction, the provisions of the people’s governments at or above the county level shall encourage and guide the tourism scenic tourist attractions operators innovation business model, based on the local natural and cultural and social resources, create excellent tourist attractions. In accordance with the provisions, Hainan will comprehensively promote the scenic ecological, ecological environment, information disclosure, management, etc.." Yang Zhekun said. So that the operators are pleased with the scenic area, the provisions of the people’s government above the county level and the relevant functional departments. For example, the "provision" clearly, the people’s governments at or above the county level shall strengthen the construction of tourism infrastructure, give priority to the construction of leading tourist attractions and tourist attractions of the road supporting facilities should be tourist transport into the public transport system of unified planning, construction and management etc.. Threshold to accelerate the upgrading of scenic spots from the overall point of view, the provisions of the operation and management of scenic areas made a lot of clear requirements, the threshold increased." Ding Feng, vice president of the Sanya Wuzhizhou Island tourist area, the "provision" standard management requirements of the scenic area and national 5A level scenic spot evaluation achieve convergence, also more specific requirements were put forward from the aspects of environmental protection, safety management, operation management, civilized travel, will accelerate the upgrading of Hainan scenic area. For example, in the security monitoring, the "provision" maximum load requirements of tourist attractions for tourists shall not exceed the approved, can take the ticket reservation, when entering, restricting access and scenic diversion divert way, control the number of tourists. In addition, the provisions of the requirements of the tourism operators should be相关的主题文章: