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Select small SUV to see what? Take you to understand several popular SUV! Sohu automobile one thousand readers have one thousand Hamlett, the car is in the same way, different people on the car requirements and understanding are not the same. Because of this, the car manufacturer propaganda is full of tricks, and handling is good, and is comfortable, is the material kind. However, a lot of white Car Buying and eat melon people do not know there are a lot of characteristics is impossible, coupled with cost control, each priced models can take into account is limited. That being the case, for us to focus on the car where? Nature is also vary by car, different price, different models of the focus are all different, to give analysis is not a small project, today we have a small SUV from the hottest start. Indeed, for small SUV, the dynamic control for SUV, after all, and the space in the word has been reflected in the small, although the carts are in the big support, but ultimately limited. The design is really a different thing, but as the saying goes, beautiful appearance is half done. In addition, there is a little impact on our daily use of the car is the most important element, is the interior of the material and design, which can not be separated from the small distance. Right, we do not talk about manipulation today, and we inventory is the appearance of small SUV interior design and comfort. Okola Okola has just experienced a paragraph, if the original shape slightly stay, adding new face immediately for a new refreshing lot, extending the young dynamic charm in the original calm on. Is not a replacement, the body contour has not changed, the chubby figure is slightly adorable taste. The new combination lamp group and wing grille with transverse tensile role in vision, good comprehensive small proportion SUV. LED lamp is the standard needless to say, the conscience of the industry. Interior has always been the strengths of Buick, better than the same level of materials, a large number of leather and soft material coverage brings a good sense of comfort, while surrounded by the central control with exquisite details to create a luxurious atmosphere. The interior of the soft material with stitching details bring very good texture. Alcantara material of the seat, is also unique in the same level. The design of bin Zhi bin Chi is definitely regarded as a success, the new listing attracted a lot of attention, sales also proved this point. But slightly a little weakness, recently has been lost to sibling XR-V, although all but two is the same car design go different way, do not know recently everyone’s tastes are biased tough. Bin Chi front and popular chrome used is different, the black plastic trim, is quite suitable for young people. Granular day lights slightly outdated. Understanding of Honda’s students should know that the luxury is not a strong sense of Honda, but the practicality of Honda really talented students, the size of the storage space and the layout of the reasonableness of what is not picky. This work has always been good, but with a lack of sincerity, hard plastic more. ~相关的主题文章: