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Secundines, breast milk and urine of pregnant women, three body! A pregnant female child – Sohu experienced in October after delivery, in the process of breeding small life, great changes have taken place in the body, which also produced a variety of special material is the only pregnant women. And some special substances, we have a special role in human beings. The first is the legacy of maternal production down afterbirth, which is the scientific sense of placenta. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, the placenta after childbirth or traditional Chinese medicine, called human placenta, placenta. The main component of the placenta is protein, hormones and enzymes, with Wenshen Yijing, tonifying Qi, nourishing the blood and other effects. Placenta contains a variety of hormones and some active substances, the pregnant women themselves to promote the development of the breast, uterus, ovary, and enhance the body’s resistance and anti allergic effect. In addition to the placenta Nourishing Qi, kidney essence. Have a curative effect on asthenia of qi deficiency, blood deficiency cough, weakness, infertility and other symptoms less milk yellow. Recently, some countries in Europe and America, there are some people begin to take the placenta, can be said to be the Chinese east to west. Except in the yard of the placenta, maternal milk can cure, I remember when I was young, in the countryside, who are your eyes, home for the elderly is nearby to do on the maternal home, a little milk, back home, wash the eyes with milk, soon enough. Why maternal milk can have anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect? This is because, with immunoglobulin in maternal milk immunoglobulin can effectively prevent and protect the eye, the cornea, and keep them from being infected. At the same time, antibodies and protective factors in milk is also rich in beneficial to human body, can be anti-inflammatory and analgesic. The placenta and breast milk, can cure, we may have heard of, but the urine of pregnant women can cure the disease, many people do not know. This is not my nonsense, the urine of pregnant women can really cure. In the past, there are special people to the hospital delivery room, money to buy pregnant women urine. Pregnant women during pregnancy, the body more sex hormone secretion, urine neutral hormone is much higher than normal women, some pharmaceutical factory to collect pregnant women urine, which can be extracted from the sex hormones, the development of test paper, etc.. The role of progesterone is very important, it can maintain the pregnancy, so that the endometrium continues to proliferate and the luteal phase of the changes for the implantation of eggs to provide good conditions. Reduce the activity of the uterus and fallopian tubes, so that the fertilized eggs live comfortably in the uterus, is not discharged. Sex hormones can also promote the development of breast tissue maturation. To maintain the function of hypothalamus pituitary ovary axis and inhibit the secretion of luteinizing hormone. Pregnant women, not only in the anterior pituitary secretion of gonadotropin, and placental villi can also secrete. The latter is called chorionic gonadotropin. This substance in the urine of pregnant women is called HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin, human chorionic gonadotropin), composition of glycoprotein, similar to the role of luteinizing hormone, animal after injection, mice were young ovaries that mature, but not the rabbit mating villous membrane gonadotropin ovulation.相关的主题文章: