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The selection of titles of pain the professor referred to concentrate on teaching is the destruction of their own original title: the title of the title and the pain is directly linked to wages, the project application, the same is a lesson, class fee lecturer and professor of the differences of CFP for scientific research and teaching occupation for many graph people, the title is a big event with it, salary and welfare are closely linked. But for a long time, China’s titles have a tendency of "only qualifications, seniority, only the", causing everyone complained of a professional evaluation, has been described as "titles like chicken ribs", but did not dare to give up, even trying to cheat and break the head to fight. This phenomenon will be curbed. In November 1st, the twenty-ninth meeting of the central comprehensive deepening of reform leading group, a number of reforms freshly baked, one of which is the deepening of system reform, outstanding moral character, ability, performance oriented, overcoming the "only qualifications, seniority, only the" tendency, fair evaluation of the scientific concept of customer professional and technical personnel. Jiangsu will also improve the title evaluation approach to the conditions of the region and the employing units delegated Title review. On the modern express reporter Xiang Fenghua Yu Yuehua Nanjing ZAKER Hao Duo Zhang Ding is 56 years old Nanjing university professor on the teaching, is the "light to others, the destruction of their own" title for the university teachers, not only means of promotion channels, and with the treatment of income directly linked. Zhang Ding (a pseudonym) in Nanjing, a university has been teaching for 32 years. "From the school assistant, associate professor, and now professor, walked all the way down, it is really not easy." He said. The teacher professional title to promotion according to status. The old teacher evaluation associate professor, Professor, we are new, from the beginning of the first level of teaching assistants to climb up." Zhang Ding recalls. After a full year of teaching, examination qualified, he rated the ta. In 1989, the lecturer was asked to be "5 years of teaching, the first teaching assessment, the total amount of work to meet the requirements of the school, under the same circumstances, if published in professional journals, priority". At that time, there are no specific requirements issued a few papers." L associate professor need to publish 5 papers in the national core journals, which published in the key journals of 2." But one thing is very important, is the index limit. He said that each year the number of associate professors in the school have a proportional requirement. "This is in accordance with the school or college co-ordination, because a college professor, associate professor, lecturer is a certain proportion of requirements. If the quota is limited, even in line with the requirements of the previous, it may not be able to comment on the year, or to wait." It is not easy to judge a person’s academic level. What is the rule of the game? Fool’s Law: counting. Number of papers, topics and results. To compare the quality difference. Well then, split level. As a result, there are authoritative journals, core journals and SCI and so on and national, provincial and ministerial level topics and achievements of the distinction. In this way, the teacher’s knowledge is represented by these things. For example, when we associate professor at the time, the need for more than one provincial level to two subjects, Peng相关的主题文章: