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The "blood donation card free variable paid" insider: Blood dealers for $- Beijing morning? Who can be exempt from certified blood collection, storage, transportation and other expenses, detection of blood donation survey, repeated blood donors, the spouse and lineal relatives had this offer. According to China’s "blood donation law", the patient or family members holding a blood donation permit surgery can also be given priority to blood, arrange surgery, which makes a "blood donation certificate" precious. "Blood merchant" also saw an opportunity to start the "card dealers" sale in Chaoyang Park near the blood collection vehicle. Beijing morning news reporter unannounced visits found that they use blood verification procedures loopholes, hire blood to demand for documents, can be sold for up to 10 thousand yuan. A witness must be prioritized on mutual blood donation before the surgery, sweat Wang Dong (a pseudonym) stood at the South Gate of Chaoyang Park, the blood collection, put a mutual blood donation list pinched wrinkled, looked at passers-by, several times he hesitated to approached for help. He is 42 years old this year, two months ago from Shanxi home with four year old daughter to see a doctor. Finally in the eryansuo row of surgery, but was told that he should be mutual blood donation in the preoperative, get a blood donation certificate to give the child to do surgery. 200 milliliters of blood can beat a man Tate? The thought that the scene will be able to get the card Wang Dong, was found anemia, does not meet the conditions of blood donation. Father and daughter had no relatives in Beijing, I do not know who to turn to. "Dude, do you want blood?" Sitting in the car donation after a man approached to him, and Wang Dong in the hands of the mutual blood extraction past a glance, "you do, see card look, 10 minutes for you to take out blood donation card". Wang Dong this reaction, the man is a blood dealer". Each claiming to be "rhubarb", 200 ml of blood for 1500 yuan, "this is not to buy blood, is to buy a card, he said. Spend 1500 yuan to complete 10 minutes although the cash strapped, but think of the children need surgery, Wang Dong put the heart a horizontal nod. Immediately took out the phone to contact the blood donation, I am in the hands of these people are professional, you rest assured". 10 minutes later, a skinny boy came running, Hebei accent. The single rhubarb mutual blood donation blood Wang Dong’s name and ID number into the corresponding information, young man said nothing, took the list on the car donation. Who will use the name of blood donation, it is said to be a friend of your family, doctors can not find out the true and false." Rhubarb said. 15 minutes later, the young man with a cotton ball under the arm, holding a blood donation and blood donation card, down from the car. Wang Dong take over carefully, mutual blood donation is the object of their own children, was a young man’s blood donation card information, determine the correct spot. He put the money into the pocket of rhubarb, the boy angrily looked at the process, understand oneself on the spot to get the royalty. "You go back first," a word of rhubarb sent him away. Do the two save mutual aid blood to save money ready to buy documents not for a while, also is to buy the blood donation certificate of Song Zuguang (a pseudonym) came to the front of the car donation, looked around, his 11 year old son hand相关的主题文章: