SASAC central enterprises reorganization policy overweight entered the active phase of the five

SASAC: central enterprises reorganization policy overweight entered the active phase of the five industry is expected to top the SASAC policy to raise the next three years re entered the active phase of Xiao Yaqing: eight ways of central enterprises to push the industry restructuring "we will increase efforts to promote cooperation between the central enterprise restructuring integration step." SASAC director Xiao Yaqing to participate in the 6 central enterprises Industry Cooperation Forum said that the next step, the SASAC central enterprises to promote industrial policy will be increased the pace of restructuring, through business integration, asset restructuring, equity cooperation, asset replacement, free transfer, transfer agreements, strategic alliances, joint development and other ways, to speed up the central cooperation between enterprises of industrial restructuring and integration. Xiao Yaqing also clearly outlines the state-owned enterprises reform of mergers and acquisitions of the "road map": through industrial restructuring cooperation in key technology breakthrough, grasp the core resources, build brands, improve the market concentration, to achieve industrial restructuring cooperation "one plus one is greater than two effect. Xiao Yaqing also revealed that the current part of the central enterprises in the lead technology innovation strategic alliance, the establishment of innovative investment funds, the construction of innovative incubator platform, etc., made a major breakthrough. According to statistics, the central enterprises to take the lead in the national and local technical innovation alliance 141, more than and 50 central enterprises have been initiated and participated in the fund’s 179, the construction of Social Innovation Incubation Platform for the 57, entrepreneurial innovation platform of the 27. There are indications that the country’s new round of strategic layout gradually clear, the central enterprises to integrate the peak has been. Since this year, SASAC has completed Chinese and Chinese ocean shipping, and Sinotrans, China Merchants Chinese China Chinese Minmetals and MCC, COFCO and CTS and CITS, Chinese textile, building materials and Chinese materials 6 group 12 of the central enterprises reorganization. After the reorganization of China Ocean Shipping and China shipping, it has completed the four business integration of container transportation, port management, shipping finance, oil and gas transportation. China Merchants and Chinese Sinotrans after the reorganization, the overseas business layout will be more reasonable and more perfect industrial chain, is conducive to the new national name card to create a shipping logistics, cultivate a world-class brand. China Minmetals and China metallurgical joint reorganization, is conducive to enhancing the control of resources and development capabilities, security strategy of demand for mineral resources in our country, international competitiveness and industry will significantly enhance the right to speak. COFCO and Textile Group joint reorganization is to ensure safety of grain and oil service national strategy, are effective ways to build world-class agri food enterprises, in the international market share is greatly improved after the reorganization. To achieve the joint reorganization of CTS and CITS, is conducive to cultivate new economic growth momentum, build a new pillar industry, the new group to become the first Asian China, vanguard and world-class tourism enterprises. Chinese building materials and Chinese material reorganization, help to improve the industry concentration, and promote the development of traditional building materials products to high-end, expanding the supply of effective and high-end, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the industry. Xiao Yaqing with a set of data shows that the central enterprises to bring positive effects of mergers and acquisitions. Tower company to help three operators significantly reduce operating costs, according to statistics, in 2015, a total of three operators to save investment of $50 billion, saving maintenance costs of nearly $4 billion. Chinese of Sinotrans相关的主题文章: