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Samsung Note 7 Zaibao accidents: from cars and garage fire – Sohu technology intellectual stuff (public No.: zhidxcom), the haizhongtian Samsung has announced that in many parts of the world (Galaxy Note 7 Chinese recall area did not recall, allegedly has not been affected, because of the presence of a faulty battery fire hazard). Samsung has said in a statement that so far no one has been injured due to battery explosion. Nevertheless, in the past few days, there have been two fire accidents, burned a Jeep car and a garage, are suspected of relating to Note 7. Samsung is investigating two incidents. The jeep was burned 7 Note according to the number of media reports, the U.S. Labor Day (the first Monday in September), Florida Fort Peters (St. Petersburg) a man selling junk in the courtyard, after he returned to the room and found the house when he looked out the window at the Grand Cherokee (a jeep) on fire. The owner of the Nathan Dornacher on the local television station Fox 13 said that when leaving the car, he will Galaxy Note 7 plug in the central console charging, the phone just bought 4 days. Since the launch of Note, I gave up the Apple phone, every Note phone I have." Nathan Dornacher told Fox 13 TV, "I don’t think I’m going to let Samsung into my house anymore." The owner said he did not know the Samsung mobile phone in the recall, so far, only Samsung by operators, mobile phone retail partners did not recall, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (Consumer Safety Product Commission) were. Samsung spokesman said it is working with Nathan Dornacher to investigate the accident, Samsung can do what they do. A fire in the garage near the Note 7 charging socket in another accident, a man firmly believes that Note 7 led to his garage fire. On Sunday in Horry County, South Carolina, consumer Wesley Hartzog said his garage had a fire, fire investigators claimed Sunday’s fire started by the socket. The inspector asked me if I was going to plug in the garage." Wesley Hartzog said in an interview, I will plug in the phone above, is the new Note 7. I put the air compressor on it, but it was closed." Because the house was burned, the relevant departments need to investigate the cause of the fire, Wesley Hartzog is currently living with children in the hotel. Wesley Hartzog also said he did not know Samsung recalled product news. On Friday, Samsung announced a recall order. Samsung Electronic interpretation.相关的主题文章: