Sa Beining recognized the swindler, but made a mistake bree daniels

Sa Beining recognized the liar, the result is still the wrong original title: Sa Beining recognize the liar, the result is a mistake made by the author: a cage     source: editor in chief attitude to stand on the matter of Sa Beining! A public security bureau who called him, said he was trafficking in children. It is a student, graduated from the Law School of Beijing University of CCTV "Legal Report" host, xiaosa suddenly judge: call that person is a liar. He took part in the dialogue with the liar recorded down, through today’s statement micro-blog released. According to saying xiaosa, liar and talk to him, have angrily. The following is the full text of the dialogue – small scattered: mandarin standard point! The name and the alarm report! Liar: I give you speak Mandarin Oh, the standard point. My name is Li Zhong, Muzi lee. The police number 011158, I dig your graves…… What about? Aren’t you fucking Sa Beining? Who are you with me?! Little Caesar: Yes. Do you know what I do? Do you know what I’m doing? Liar: no matter what you do I show, is what person, regardless of how hard you back, you are now involved in trafficking in children…… Xiao Bo: do you know that I do in CCTV, "today"? Do you know that I’m working on CCTV today? You know this is what human trafficking charges? Which is the criminal law? Liar: the central station? What did you say you were saying today? Little Caesar: Yes. "Today," four words you heard? Have you heard it? You check, check. Liar: today? I haven’t seen anything. When I catch you, I’ll let you talk today, I’ll put you in jail every day. Small Caesar: you and I go online check! Is there a network? Do you have WIFI? Liar: good. (hang) liar yizhengciyan xiaosa, borrowing power to do evil, is vivid. Users with comments there are two categories, one for small scattered point praise, the liar is too rampant, and it is very OUT, incredibly even today, said did not read, even Sa Beining do not know. I feel the same way. This year, telecom fraud is really too much, that editor I have a new disease — anti cheat cheat bucket psychological syndrome symptoms, there are three: first, a day with one or two fraud SMS or phone, always feel the day before, going on the empty heart. Two, personally received a liar call, if not to molest, always feel a waste to show their humor, intelligence, justice of the valuable opportunity. Three, in the process of molesting liar, if it can record sound, and friends to exchange experiences, the more wonderful. So, editor in chief, I listened carefully to the dialogue. The results found that the problem: from the dialogue can be clearly seen, the liar called the small spread at the beginning, did not know he is a famous CCTV host. The small scatter in the dialogue, has repeatedly stressed the "today" and his identity as the host, and to educate, ridicule liar. That is to say Hao相关的主题文章: