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Russian Security Council: arrested 5 terrorist attacks in Moscow to molecular – Sohu news local time 15 days, Russian Federation Security Bureau news release, arrested 5 terrorist attempts to launch attacks on Moscow and other parts of the molecule. According to the Russian Federal Security Bureau announced the same day in its official website, said the terrorists hiding in the house found 5 guns, each of the 10 kg TNT equivalent of simple bombs and sniper rifles parts. Sources said that this group of terrorists belonging to a special organization by the Islamic state terrorist organization sent by the special criminal organization. The organization plans to launch terrorist attacks in Moscow and the Russian Republic of ingushetia. Sources said that the extremist criminal organizations and Islamic state terrorist organizations to maintain contact. The founders of the destroyed crime organization has been carried out in the last month of Russia’s security forces in the war on terror. In recent years, Russia’s anti-terrorism situation is grim. Especially in the Republic of Ingushetia’s North Caucasus terrorists are very active. Russian Prime Minister Medvedev has said that international terrorists in the region, to find their own position". Only in 2015 a year, Russian police arrested at the local and destroyed more than 500 militants and related assistance, including 30 armed gang leader. (end)相关的主题文章: