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Russian media: the U.S. military in Ezhaoyi claimed openly hostile threat of major Sohu – Military channel information: Russia joint maritime -2016 joint military drill site map. Reference News Network reported on October 7th: TASS reported in October 5th, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff Joseph · Deng Fude said the U.S. military headquarters drafted a new version of the national military strategy and plan to submit national political leadership approval. Deng Fude said: "not long ago, we completed the drafting of the new national military strategy, it will soon be signed. I should let (Defense) minister has the opportunity to look over, but (the military) chief of staff and I have the structure built from A to Z." He said that the strategy in this year is a confidential document". Because it outlines the framework of our army may be integrated". Deng Fude did not disclose any details, but stressed that the action plan will be integrated together intelligence – this is not a strategy". Deng Fude also pointed out that The Pentagon should not be expected in recent years to reduce the pace of overseas operations and funding will increase. He admits, "I can see that the demand for combat is not reduced. In addition, I expect that we will not be able to increase the resources available". So he called on the Department of defense to prepare for a "rather difficult solution" a few years later. Deng Fude said that the main challenges of the United States at this stage from Russia, China, North Korea, Iran and other extremist terrorist gangs. He pointed out that, despite the end of World War II since the maintenance of international security order system and institutions are still basically intact, but at the same time we encountered challenges to our forces". He explained that this refers to Russia, China, North Korea, Iran and the use of violent extremism in the form of non national challenges". Deng Fude pointed out that the U.S. military use 4+1 to describe the threat pattern. Earlier he said that Russia is the most serious challenges, but also may pose a major threat to our national interests". Deng Fude cited his reasons for this conclusion: Russia’s nuclear potential, network space capabilities, the development of the Russian Navy submarine forces, Russia’s military operations order, frequency and location. Deng Fude said, "all of which we have not thought about in the past 20 years". He also pointed out the military potential of Russia in Crimea, Georgia and Ukraine.相关的主题文章: