Russian media Chinese women because of the Russian immigration officials gift was sentenced to 2

Russian media: Russian women’s Chinese due to immigration officials "gifts" and sentenced to 2 years in prison – Beijing [global network reported] Russian satellite news network September 20th news, Volgograd’s Procuratorate, said a Chinese female citizens because of the "mini Russian Federation Volgograd immigration officials to 100 thousand rubles (about RMB on the grounds of friendship" 10 thousand yuan) and was sentenced to two years and fined 1 million rubles (about 100 thousand yuan). Reported that, has been identified, in March, 40 year old Chinese woman Li Li (sound) in Volgograd, Russia, the immigration office of the leadership to try to give the 100 thousand rubles to officials. The money was placed in the chocolate packaging below, are used to require officials to perform shielding and tipped off the upcoming immigration law review. The official informed the police about the matter. The woman has been a criminal case. In the bulletin of the prosecutor’s office, said Li Li, the only part of his own criminal facts admit, explained that the money is a gift of friendship. Li Li was found guilty by the court. The court sentenced her to two years in prison, according to the normal standard of imprisonment, was fined 1 million". The law has not yet entered into force, the parties may appeal.相关的主题文章: