Russia to support the Syrian ceasefire 48 hours, said the militants will be too long to regroup-brock lesnar

Syria said Russia supported the 48 hour ceasefire is too long will make the militants to regroup – Beijing, Beijing, September 29, according to foreign media reports, Russia said on the 29, 48 hours north of Syria city in support of a ceasefire in Aleppo rather than the United States proposed longer ceasefire. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Ryabkov said, the United States proposed a week-long ceasefire will give the rebels enough time to enable them to regroup and resupply. The day before the said in Ryabkov, US Secretary of state Kerrey of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Washington is prepared to terminate on the Syria issue contacts with Russia, unless Moscow to take immediate measures to end the attacks on Aleppo, the two countries reached a recovery in September 9th the cessation of hostilities agreement. Kerrey’s spokesman Kobe said in a statement, "Kerrey clearly shows that the United States and its partners believe that Russia is responsible for the current situation, this situation including the use of incendiary bombs and blasting bunkers in the densely populated area of the city, to fight violent escalation, the civilian major threat." Reported that during the conflict lasted 5 years in Syria, the United States and Russia previously repeatedly tried to use their influence on the warring parties to promote peace talks, to reach a ceasefire agreement. But the previous ceasefire, like the latest ceasefire in Aleppo, continues as the fighting continues. U.S. State Department spokesman Kobe, 28, also said that the Russian military alliance with President of Syria, Assad also caused the threat of terrorist attacks on russia. He said, "the Syria civil war more than, the consequence is that extremists and extremist groups will continue to use vacuum Syria extend their action, the action will no doubt for the interests of Russia attacks, even in the Russian city of the attack. Russian soldiers will continue to die." Ryabkov, Russia’s deputy foreign minister, criticized Mr. Kobe for this argument. He said that would be interpreted as the United States supports terrorism.. Russian media quoted the Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Za Carlo Va, the United States did not implement the ceasefire agreement by the provisions of the commitment not to moderate Syria rebels to participate in multi-party war from militants separation. Reported that another purpose of the ceasefire in Aleppo is to allow food and medical assistance to serve the people there. But 28 in the eastern region of Aleppo, the rebel controlled area of the largest hospital by air strikes in the two. Secretary General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon issued a strong condemnation of this, saying the air raid hospital is war crimes". Ban Ki-moon, 28, at the United Nations Security Council held a meeting on the issue of medical conflicts in the region, said, let us make it clear position. Those who use more destructive weapons know exactly what they are doing. They know they’re committing war crimes." Ban Ki-moon expressed extreme disappointment to the situation in Syria. You can imagine a slaughterhouse, ‘he said. The situation in Syria is even worse. In contrast, the slaughterhouse is more humane. Aleppo hospital"相关的主题文章: