Rush to the rescue of Suichang! Zhejiang multi forces rushed to the scene of the landslide rescue (F barcarolle

Rush to the rescue of Suichang! Zhejiang multi forces rushed to the scene of the landslide rescue (Figure) – North Korean news coverage of the disaster prevention and resettlement sites have been placed more than 100 victims. Zhejiang provincial Civil Affairs Department for photo Beijing Lishui in September 29,   (Wang Yifei Li Yuanyuan Zhong Xin) by Typhoon "catfish effect", the 28 day at 17:30 PM, Su Cun Bei Jie Zhen Zhejiang city of Lishui province Suichang County landslides, resulting in many houses were destroyed, more than dry masses lost. A few hours after the disaster, the Zhejiang provincial public security, armed police, fire and rescue forces around the society has to act quickly, emergency rush to Suichang. It is understood that after the disaster, the local public security, armed police, fire and other more than 150 people have rushed to the scene to rescue the first time. Due to landslides formed lake, the water level rises, many Suichang County Department of land and public health to prevent two linkage, assistance, disaster. At the same time the local forces quickly put into the rescue, Zhejiang province’s power has also acted quickly. Zhejiang provincial Party Secretary Xia Baolong, director of the provincial people’s Congress to make instructions to quickly organize efforts to do their best to rescue work, to do a good job in the treatment of injured workers. To pay attention to science rescue to prevent secondary disasters, to the affected people to do the transfer, evacuation and resettlement and relief work. Deputy Secretary of Zhejiang provincial Party committee, acting governor of Che Jun also make instructions, request to rescue people’s lives and property safety as the first task, go all out, rescue personnel trapped at all costs. In the rescue forces, the afternoon of the 28 day after the disaster, the Zhejiang provincial public security fire brigade immediately launched the emergency plan of landslide, Lishui, Hangzhou, has deployed in Wenzhou, Quzhou, Jinhua, Taizhou 6 Fire Brigade 60 cars, 286 people, 5 rescue dogs rushed to the rescue scene. Zhejiang Armed Police Corps after receiving the report, immediately sent a forward command post to the deployment of relief work Suichang. Lishui detachment of the armed police detachment in Suichang, the first batch of officers and men on the evening of 28 19:30 arrived at the scene, the armed police detachment sent 110 soldiers to Lishui rescue. From the incident to the nearest police detachment Quzhou quickly organized 100 soldiers carry life jackets, sheep picks and other articles rushed to reinforcements. 28 evening, the Jinhua Military District Reserve Corps and Yiwu militia emergency unit of a total of 89 people, carrying command vehicles, excavators, emergency box group and other units, the night dispatched to support disaster relief in Suichang. In addition, Longyou County, Jinyun county and other places quickly assembled militia, rushed to the disaster area or the implementation of beiqin. It is worth mentioning that, around the Zhejiang social rescue forces also quickly to Suichang. He Jun, chairman of the joint meeting of the chairman of the Federation, the founder of Lishui, said: the Zhejiang Corps detachment of rams has entered the scene of the collapse. The first tier, second tier carry life detectors, rescue dogs will arrive, the third echelon, the fourth echelon in aggregation." In addition to the rams, the reporter learned that Zhejiang Dongyang blue rescue team, the Lishui Red Cross rescue team and other social forces have arrived in Suichang, quickly put into the rescue. 28 at 21:18, the Lishui Municipal People’s government official micro-blog Lishui release news release, armed police, public security, fire, health, land, water, electricity,.相关的主题文章: