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Rivers vetoed Griffin behind the transaction exposure through the difficult period of   Sohu favorite sports; Beijing time on February 16th, ESPN from the latest puliao Chris Broussard said, the Clippers forward Blake Griffin’s trading plan has been coach Doug – Rivers veto. Earlier today, the same is puliao from Brussaard said, put forward a Griffin + Lance Stephenson clippers, Denver – Nikola Jokic exchange, will Barton, Danilo Gallinari, and the scheme of "Orc" Kenneth – Ed method. But later, when Brussaard was consulted the Clippers coach Doug – Rivers, has been a different story, "Doug – Rivers, he and I talked about the deal, he said, this is not entirely true, to Blake (Griffin) there is no way to go trading." This season, in Griffin’s 30 games, he averaged 34.9 minutes, 23.2 points, 8.7 rebounds, 5 assists. But since last December 26th, Griffin has never played again. First he suffered a partial tear in four femoral biceps; then hit because the right hand fracture, after returning from injury to a truce; while, the Clippers will additional punishment on his 4 match ban. By the end of next month, Griffin will have his 27 birthday, and he’s at the peak of his career. But affected by injuries and outside fighting, Griffin is now in deep crisis. At the trade deadline, he was frequently involved in transfer speculation, is not what strange. In fact, in addition to the scandal with the Nuggets, there had been news earlier that the Clippers intended to swap Griffin for Kevin, the powerful forward of the cavaliers. (Poirot) 曝里弗斯否决格里芬交易 力挺爱徒度过困难时期-搜狐体育     北京时间2月16日,来自ESPN名记克里斯-布鲁萨德的最新曝料称,有关快船大前锋布雷克-格里芬的交易计划已被主帅道格-里弗斯否决。   就在今天早些时候,同样是来自布鲁萨德的曝料称,快船方面提出一个用格里芬+兰斯-史蒂芬森,交换掘金队的尼科拉-约基奇、威尔-巴顿、达尼罗-加里纳利,以及“半兽人”肯尼斯-法里埃德的方案。   不过之后,当布鲁萨德就此事咨询快船主帅道格-里弗斯的时候,却得到了不同的说法,“道格-里弗斯,我与他谈到了这笔交易,他的说法是,这完全不是真的,想要将布雷克(格里芬)交易走是没门的。”   本赛季,在格里芬出战的30场比赛中,他场均能打34.9分钟,得到23.2分8.7篮板5.0助攻。可自从去年12月26日之后,格里芬就再也没有打过球。他先是遭遇了股四头肌部分撕裂;接下来又因为打人右手骨折,继续休战;而在伤愈后,快船还会对他追加处罚停赛4场。   到下个月,格里芬就将迎来自己的27岁生日,原本他正处在职业生涯的最巅峰期。但是受到伤病和场外斗殴事件的影响,格里芬如今却陷入了深深的危机之中。而在交易截止日前,他频频被卷入转会传闻,也就没什么稀奇了。   事实上,除了与掘金的绯闻,早先还曾有消息称,快船有意用格里芬交换骑士大前锋凯文-乐福。(波洛)相关的主题文章: