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Real estate listed companies get together, adhere to the industry really become a "fool"? – Henan – – a few days prices guzheng, second-hand housing default frequency, Day CD has become the norm, now, with the soaring domestic prices of many a second tier city, triggered a new round of national real estate boom. This does not, even the number of listed companies also laicourenao. After the sale of two sets of Beijing Putian telecommunication School District Housing Security shell is expected, and the recent few listed companies issued a notice of real. Now, following the financial subsidies, real income and real hat became another brilliant idea to improve the performance of listed companies. In two the school district room Putian Communication to assess the price of 22 million 726 thousand and 200 yuan as compared to the first half of this year, A shares of 955 listed companies performance is lower than this number. There are many listed companies in the first half profit into a loss, or even a school district room can not buy. At present in the A shares listed on the 2918 listed companies, 395 losses, and another 232 of the profits of less than 10 million yuan. It is not difficult to see, two sets of number of Listed Companies in the performance of the year in the school district room. In addition to selling insurance performance, there are a number of listed companies is more fancy at the real estate market is hot, expect to make a lot of money. According to Wind data show that as of the end of the two quarter, A shares of 1305 listed companies with real estate investment amounted to 595 billion 100 million yuan. The real estate investment more than 10 billion yuan of listed companies have 12. Insurance, banking institutions have become the main force in the real estate listed companies. Admittedly, compared to the industry now difficult, while the rapid rise in house prices trend, real estate is indeed the best way to make quick money. Especially at the present stage, the real economy is trapped in a drop in demand, financing difficulties, rising costs and other factors, less profit, enterprises operating difficulties. No wonder, the famous economist Ma Guangyuan once will adhere to the industrial entrepreneurs as "Crazy" and "fool". However, the listed company as the representative of the real economy, if only to rely on real keen to obtain high yields, which may lead to more money off into the imaginary real, exacerbated by the real economy slump. Especially since the fourth quarter of last year, the private investment growth decline, private enterprises lack of willingness to invest in the situation. This seems to be a reflection of. If this trend is not effectively curbed, China economy will inevitably fall into a vicious spiral, is the enterprise and the money people are used to buy a house, whether it is for other consumption or expand production seems to have been weak, innovation and transformation and development, it is impossible. This makes the industry yields become lower, financial institutions are no longer for the real blood, all of the capital headlong into real estate, which blows bigger bubble. To change the current situation, not only need to call upon and encourage more "fool" and "Crazy", also need more policy support out of government, whether it is from the fiscal policy or by deepening financial reform, guide capital and production elements to the real economy, and also for the real economy burden, so as to restore confidence. )

上市公司扎堆炒房,坚守实业真成了“傻子”?–河南分网–人民网   □古筝   房价几天一调,二手房违约频现,日光盘已成常态,如今,随着国内不少一二线城市房价的暴涨,引发了新一轮全民炒房的热潮。   这不,就连不少上市公司也来凑热闹。继普天通信挂牌出售北京两套学区房保壳有望之后,近期又有几家上市公司发布了卖房公告。   如今,继理财、补贴之后,卖房创收、卖房摘帽成了上市公司提升业绩的又一大高招。   以普天通信两处学区房的评估价格2272.62万元作为比较,今年上半年A股有955家上市公司业绩低于这一数字。还有很多上市公司的半年利润陷入亏损,或者连一套学区房都买不了。目前在A股上市的2918家上市企业中,有395家出现亏损,另有232家的利润不足1000万元。   由此不难看出,不少上市公司一年的业绩难抵两套学区房。除了卖房保业绩的,还有不少上市公司更是看中了眼下房地产市场的火爆,期望大赚一笔的。   据Wind数据显示,截至今年二季度末,A股有1305家上市公司有投资性房地产,合计达到5951亿元。其中,投资性房地产超过100亿元的上市公司就有12家。保险、银行机构成为炒房上市公司的主力军。   不可否认,相较于如今实业的艰难,趁着房价快速上涨的趋势,炒房确实是赚快钱的最好捷径。尤其是现阶段,实体经济受困于需求下降、融资困难、成本上升等因素,利润越来越少,企业经营举步维艰。也难怪,著名经济学家马光远曾将坚守实业的企业家比作“疯子”和“傻子”。   然而,上市公司作为实体经济的代表,如果仅热衷于靠炒房获取高收益,这可能会引导更多的资金脱实入虚,更加剧了实体经济的萎靡。   尤其是自去年四季度以来,出现了民间投资增速下降,民营企业投资意愿不足的局面。这似乎成为一种写照。   如果这种势头得不到有效的遏制,中国经济难免会陷入一种恶性循环,就是企业和老百姓的钱都拿来买了房子,无论是对于其他消费还是扩大生产似乎都已心有余而力不足,转型、发展、创新更是无从谈起。这就使得实业的收益率变得更低,金融机构也不再为实体供血,所有的资本一股脑地涌向房地产,从而吹起更大的泡沫。   改变目前的局面,不仅需要呼唤和鼓励更多的“傻子”和“疯子”,还需要政府拿出更多的政策支持,无论是从通过财税政策还是通过深化金融改革,引导资本与生产要素向实体经济集聚,并且还要为实体经济减负,从而恢复信心。 (责编:王佩、尚明桢)相关的主题文章: