Real Estate Company issued a formal debt issuance criteria funds may not purchase land

Real Estate Company debt issuance standard formally issued: the fund shall not purchase land Phoenix Financial News (reporter Lu Jinghan) the evening of October 28th, the Shanghai Stock Exchange formally to bond underwriting agency issued "on the implementation of the real estate industry overcapacity, corporate bonds regulatory classification letter" (referred to as "regulatory letter" excess ") on the real estate industry, the company production capacity the bond issuance examination trial classification regulation. Regulatory letter made it clear that real estate companies to raise funds for corporate bonds shall not be used for the purchase of land, the issuer shall issue a written commitment, regulators will continue to monitor the issuer to fulfill commitments. "The regulatory letter" said that the real estate enterprises to raise funds for the project, should meet the following requirements: 1 affordable housing and ordinary commodity housing project for the minimum capital ratio should not be less than 20%, other projects not less than 25%; 2 the issuer shall disclose the basic situation of the project, construction investment, sources of funding, and estimates of project funds the gap and the expected future profit; 3 the issuer shall raise funds for regulatory accounts, shall arrange the duration of the disclosure supervision mechanism and information, and provide the relevant regulatory agreement. Previously, the state of the real estate business debt issuance is suspended, a large brokerage department of public debt has told the Phoenix Financial reporter said that in order to wait for the Commission for real estate companies to issue an audit standards. Today, the standard issued formally, Real Estate Company debt can begin to move forward, the person said, just received the document tonight, a lot of circumstances do not quite understand. "The regulatory letter", the real estate industry classification regulation to take "comprehensive index based range + evaluation" classification regulation standard, issuance of housing prices need to first meet the basis, according to the comprehensive evaluation index for classification, consistent with the new deal in late September exchange draft classification requirements. Prior to this, housing prices and housing prices did not have the classification requirements, only the relevant housing prices to meet the requirements of the issuance of corporate bonds. The classification of regulatory standards, basic scope refers to the main body rating of AA or more and meet one of the following four conditions: 1 of the real estate enterprises listed overseas real estate enterprises; 2 in the real estate industry in the central enterprises; 3 provincial governments (including municipalities), the capital city of sub provincial City and municipalities the local government owned real estate enterprises; 4 Chinese Real Estate Association ranked the top 100 other private real estate enterprises. Comprehensive indicators include: 1 the most recent year-end total assets are less than 20 billion; 2 last year operating income is less than 3 billion; 3 last year net profit after deducting non recurring gains and losses after the negative; 4 the end of the most recent net assets and liabilities after the pre collection rate of more than 65%; 5 of the real estate business in a second tier city accounted for more than 50%. 5 comprehensive indicators, and within one does not conform to the normal class, the two does not match the concern category, the above and above do not match the "risk class". The normal class, the normal exchange audit; the "risk", the underwriter should strictly control the risks, prudent to undertake related projects; attention to class, issuers and underwriters need further verification and disclosure. The Shanghai Stock Exchange said that the underwriting agency should strengthen the implementation of the real estate industry policy and market regulation policy;相关的主题文章: