Q & A heroes must be updated to stay fresh-unfccc

Answer: the hero must constantly update the designer in order to maintain the freshness of Ask’s latest Riot, responsible for the hero update designer Reav3 and we share a hero update motivation, rotation mode chief designer L4T3NCY shared with us the reason why not resident unlimited firepower. Q: what heroes update when it end? When do I need to continue to change the hero? A: I recently received a lot of this problem, including the fist inside and outside. Personally, I don’t think there will be time to stop the hero update, most heroes will not be in their release that is "outdated" or "old fashioned", but with the passage of time, some heroes look like other heroes so interesting. We think that when a hero is in a good position, it must be because he has a strong enough art, background and gameplay. Today, however, it may seem like a good hero, because the game is updated and developed, and a year or a few years later, the hero could turn out to be a bad hero. With the development of technology, our hero greatly updated look better, for example, in the years we are unable to create the Ora Liam Sol hero, is also unable to update yorik. Yorik cloak is actually used the same tail and Ora Liam Sol technology, but this technology in a year ago the hero alliance is not able to do. With technological innovation, our old heroes look older and older. Design value and design technology also over time, we can create a more unique and diverse heroes, but also to get rid of those outdated hero skills group updated. Our understanding of the game and the gameplay of the players make some of the old heroes need something new or improved to compete with the growing number of heroes. The hero theme also changed with time, such as the classic version of the Batman Series TV once thought to be great, but Tim Burton makes the Batman theme more mature and serious, recently Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy is to create a more realistic style for a new generation of fans of the Batman batman. These works are considered great at the time of their birth, but the classic version of Batman, if released today, may not resonate with contemporary Batman fans. Like Batman, the heroes of today’s popular heroes need to be constantly updated to keep modern and fresh, for years. Now we have quite a lot of heroes who seem to be qualified, but these heroes who look great today will not be so cool after 4-5 years. Q: we haven’t seen an unlimited fire mode for a long time. Why? A: maybe you just miss the news, we announced shortly before infinite fire pattern will return to the special game rotation pattern list, this time we will call it unlimited firepower fuzion. Why is it so long before the fire? Well, we all agree that unlimited firepower is a game mode that is too fast and not very healthy, for example, its environment is basically the same, no matter when the line does not seem to be affected by the version相关的主题文章: