Psychology of marriage the eyes of men 6 women is the lotus Bitch (Figure)

Psychology of marriage: the eyes of men 6 women is the lotus Bitch (Figure) the eyes of men 6 women is the lotus bitch men are polygamous animal, they easily fall in love with a person, but also love their characteristics make it difficult for them to a personal appearance. Some women are hard to love a man, and finally had to break up. Here’s a look at what kind of character of a woman is difficult to love the man down. 1, the heart only, calculating others sincerely love each other, the bird, in front of the boyfriend absolutely perfect. But behind it to friends over, hard to calculate with the others, want to get more benefits, mercenary. But in the face of her boyfriend, an innocent look, as if nothing happened. This kind of woman is too disguised, even can be said to be cheating. If a man found a character that you have, they will think you are hypocritical and walk away. Forget all your good, only your hypocrisy in the eyes, and feel with you, there is no sense of security. 2, the friends mean men love sweet, gentle woman, but in the face of her boyfriend, a woman would want Fadia, boyfriend can love yourself. However, when his friends, she will let people hate not sarcastic ridicule, with a brick smashed up. This woman is very hateful. When a man is found, there is suffering, simply can not stand, but say, she has a delicate appearance, make him very sick. Leave, there will be no pity. 3, in the cause of the heavy, in today’s society, the contribution of women to the requirements and the reality of the people of her traditional positioning is very unworthy. This situation is very easy to make the heart of the heavy loss of a lot of women happy elements. An enterprising woman, always difficult to concentrate on marriage and family care, they had no desire to do more of the dress, no energy and the husband children to do more exchanges, every day and not finish the work class, there are too many obstacles to remind yourself to be strong, until one day they a complete occupation women, from the bones of principle, the goal is clear, even indifference is serious in speech and manner…… And these are precisely the natural enemies of women’s marital happiness. 4, the heart is too strong a strong heart may put a great objective occasion will be a very good to commendatory terms, but if women in marital emotion, it might become an insurmountable grief. That said, it is because the nature of marriage and love have a mutual needs and help each other’s aspirations, but from the traditional concept, this help are often by men and women, to understand the weakness, to mobilize the male male hormone secretion, this is the reason why men are gentle and love bird the female. 5, poor self-control, low EQ women are innate emotional animal, a "low EQ women not only let other women on the edge of her, she will make a man feel flat and uninteresting. In particular, women with low emotional intelligence often do not have a lot of self-control, when they encounter unhappy and sad things, always difficult to govern.相关的主题文章: