Protect Yourself From Identity

Software Identity theft is, according to the criminal statistics available, one of the most increasing crimes in the United States. Millions of Americans every year suffer from misuse of their private information; somebody uses their bank account number, or their full name or their Social ID or any information included in any identification badge they lose or leave unattended and then apply for a loan, buy things over the Internet or request medical care. Experts say that every year, this crime costs almost $55 billion to victims and that, what is even more puzzling, is that most of them do not realize they have been robbed of their identity but many months ahead. Police authorities and security experts are usually eagerly enthusiasts when time comes to teach the general public how to prevent identity theft. They usually offer seminars, workshops and conferences in local clubs, police stations and other places where everybody is invited to learn not only why it is important to prevent identity theft but also how to do it. Newspaper articles have also paid lots of attention to this controversial topic and are usually good sources of tips on how to keep ourselves safe from this terrible crime. Lets summarize the most important tips: Never share personal information such as your bank account number, your credit card number or your Social ID with somebody you dont know, either over the Internet, over the phone or face to face. 相关的主题文章: