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Shanghai property market unpopular China Happy 700 million stake in Shanghai housing prices curve "land grab" Liu Peng the unpopular Shanghai property market, attracted a lot of housing prices forced into. The latest case is, China happiness foundation Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as 600340.SH; "Happy Chinese") intends to 24 times, PE premium 700 million yuan, accounting for 30% of the shares of the shares, Shanghai local housing prices – Shanghai Acer Topstar Real Estate Development Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Hiroshi"). September 2nd, Tencent finance exclusively from the Shanghai real estate circles were informed of the details of the transaction. Happy Chinese fancy, is Acer Topstar bought in 2001 to the Pudong airport 200 acres of residential land. If the transaction is completed, China will be happy to get the land development rights. It is worth noting that this is one of the first-tier cities in recent years housing prices into the way, namely through the acquisition of the project or company, curve first-tier cities land reserve. At present, the acquisition, is still in the adjustment phase. Tencent finance failed to contact the Chinese happiness comment. Housing prices for mainstream shares in first-tier cities land scarcity, the high cost of the auction, many housing prices are in this way, bypassing the financial risk and the development cycle time and cost of direct auction plots implied. To create China (01918.HK), for example, although in August in a number of cities to get to, but a lot of land from the acquisition of its channels to come. Rong Chong, executive director of China Wang Mengde in the 2016 interim results conference also said that the first half of the project reserves of 2/3, are brought by M & A. Wang Mengde also said that in the next period of time, mergers and acquisitions will continue to be the goal of China’s leading financial restructuring. Removal of funds and development costs, the benefits of mergers and acquisitions, but also to enhance the competitiveness of listed housing prices, and thus expand the market value, etc.. A real estate circles told Tencent finance, mergers and acquisitions in the real estate sector is well-known listed companies in China (03333.HK), such as china. "Before the general expansion of housing prices is often used in this way, but in recent years because of market factors, including Vanke, sunshine city are turning to mergers and acquisitions, obtained the intense competition in some city land." Has always been relatively stable style of Chinese happiness, joined the army in December 2015, when it announced that to 433 million 500 thousand yuan to obtain the Suzhou Torch Innovation Incubator Management Co., Ltd. of the company’s equity interest in 51%. If the shares of Acer Topstar all goes well, this will be the Chinese happy second successful cases. Golden State Securities real estate analyst Hu Huaru said, compared with the way of mergers and acquisitions, not only need to get directly passively waiting for the transfer time, also often face the problem of high land price auction; secondly, mergers and acquisitions of enterprises have a clear awareness of sustainable development ability, advance transformation or diversified enterprises in the market of high clearing is a wise choice; third. At present, the market of differentiated products operation of high capacity requirements, some enterprises have hands but lack the ability, difficult realization. Eager to enter the Shanghai market of the Shanghai real estate circles said, Huaxia happiness has been with contact Acer Topstar long, while the largest assets and is located in Pudong near the airport 20.相关的主题文章: