Price rally continued, the third quarter DRAM revenue growth in the quarter 15.8%- Sohu Technology-bree daniels

The price rise does not stop, the third quarter of the total revenue of a quarter 15.8%- growth of DRAM technology [Technews] new technology Sohu TrendForce’s memory division DRAMeXchange said, thanks to the global intelligent mobile phone shipments to grow, and with the increasing quantity of memory, the second quarter began to gradually reduce the original DRAM standard type memory output into mobile memory and server memory. In tight supply gradually, at the start of season third standard memory prices were rising trend, while driving prices for other categories of memory. Making the third quarter of the global DRAM overall revenue growth over the previous quarter, about 15.8%. DRAMeXchange Research Associate Wu Yating said that the third season coincides with the apple iPhone 7 and Samsung Note 7 flagship two stocking surge, although Note 7 was discontinued in the fourth quarter, but in the third quarter of the stock still have higher help memory digest volume and price, standard memory for better than pre shipment period, plus a laptop equipped with high capacity 8GB memory proportion also continued to increase, more let the fourth standard memory contract price quarter rose more than 30%. Three DRAM factory revenue surged, Meguiar’s turnaround Samsung DRAM remained the industry leader, revenue growth season of about 22.4%, the growth rate far exceeded the city accounted for second of the two Korea SK Hynix, plant city accounted for 50.2% and 24.8% of the total, two Korean factory has won 75% of the market share of DRAM. The group is still ranked third, revenue quarter by 12.6%, accounting for 18.5% of the city. Operating profit, Samsung is still the DRAM industry champion, third quarter operating profit rate remained at 37%, SK Hynix increased from 18% to 25% micron, and is a turnaround from -0.6% to 2.3%. Wu Yating said that the outlook for the fourth quarter, due to the continued rise in DRAM prices, we can be sure that the profits will continue to grow. Powerchip technology quarter revenue decline by 31.1% technical observation, Samsung has been in the 20 nanometer process on the lead, the cost is the lowest three DRAM plant, 18 nanometer Line 17 new plant began production in the second half. Wu Yating pointed out that, due to the profitability of the Samsung target is heavy, whether to continue to expand the scale of 18 nm is still in the planning of caution. The third season SK Hynix 21 nanometer process output as expected, industry supply lead to tight yield, currently SK Hynix will still focuses on 21 nm upgrade, and plan the second half of 2017 into the 18 nanometer production stage, continuous process into. In the Department of micron Huaya formally in September this year 100% to 20 nanometer process, 20 nanometer process has officially become the main process technology of micron and micron follow-up also plans to continue into next year after 18 / 16 nanometer production).相关的主题文章: