Poll South Korea 48% people in favor of the maintenance of compulsory military service-running man 20130908

South Korea poll: 48% of people in favor of maintaining the new network in September Beijing conscription in 30, according to South Korean media reports, South Korea pollster Gallup (Gallup Korea) 30 news, according to a poll in the 27 to 29 to 1004 people, 48% of respondents agree to maintain the existing obligations the military service system, with 35% of respondents believe that the mercenary system should be implemented. According to the respondents ages, people over the age of 50 in 55% in favor of maintaining the compulsory military service, 20 year old to 49 year old respondents, support the maintenance of compulsory military service "and" the mercenary "proportion. The reasons for the need to "maintain the compulsory military service" include the obligation to be fair in defence (24%), the need for national security and survival (23%). The biggest reason in favor of the implementation of military service is willing to let the soldiers go to the military service "(31%). 72% of respondents believe that military service is conducive to personal development, the specific reasons include the experience of collective life (21%), to develop a sense of responsibility and independence (17%), cultivate patience and perseverance (15%), etc.. However, 20% of respondents to a waste of time, rigid military culture on the grounds that military service meaningless.相关的主题文章: