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New households tied fast, integral object: send wanton activities during the first successful application of industrial bank credit card customer activity time: October 1, 2016 to December 31, 2016 activities: nuclear card within 60 days, bound fast payment (Alipay, TenPay, quick money quick payment) and any a quick payment will receive 1000 points, if we produce a full 128 yuan quick payment will receive an additional 6000 points. Activity rules: 1, this is the first time to participate in the activities of the object for the industrial bank credit card customers (excluding business card), from October 1, 2016 to December 31, 2016, in time for the quasi (arrived at the Industrial Bank Credit Card Center pressure code date), "card check date" means the customer receives the mail marked card the issuing date of the letter". Nuclear card 60 days including nuclear card that day. 2, the scope is limited to the event into pieces and the first successful application of Industrial Bank Credit Card Cardholder, or January 1, 2015 (not included) before and during the event to the cancellation of the whole family into pieces and again successfully apply for Industrial Bank Credit Card cardholders, and require the customer card account status normal. I only hold credit card cards, for the first time during the event successfully apply for the credit card customers can participate in activities. 3, the merger of the card transactions included in the main card account, the same cardholder name of multiple principal card transactions combined calculation. 4, the points will be given in the customer to meet the conditions of activity within 45 working days after the customer’s name to participate in the activities of the main card account. 5, such as the user because of their own electronic equipment system problems can not enjoy the points presented, etc., and the event organizers have nothing to do. 6, if the cardholders receive points, apply for cancellation within 6 months, or due to return and other reasons no longer meet the conditions, we have the right to deduct the equivalent amount of automatic gift points from the customer’s Bank credit card account, the follow-up may not participate in the activities again. 7, this event all the time points to the Industrial Bank background system time, the transaction is determined to run the industrial bank system batch data prevail. About 8 goods and services, the activities provided by the relevant businesses within the scope permitted by law, liability related matters or damage the industrial bank is not the relevant goods or services caused by the bear, the cardholder should contact the merchant processing and solve. 9, during the event, the cardholder can call the Industrial Bank of 95561 consultation. 10, the card ginseng and this activity is deemed to understand and agree with the rules. Within the scope permitted by laws and regulations, the Industrial Bank reserves the right to suspend the right to suspend, terminate or change this activity or to adjust the equivalent of the gift, and after the announcement of the Industrial Bank website.相关的主题文章: