Play the game to play on the University, depends on how to play-splitit

Play the game "play" on the University, to see how to "play" have been all sorts of criticism, that is "work", "waste" e-sports, finally by name, will have the opportunity to walk into the University classroom. In September 2nd, occupation education and Adult Education Department of the Ministry of Education issued the "notice" on 2017 higher school enrollment professional occupation to declare the work, published 13 additional professional in 2016, including "electronic sports and professional management, code 670411, belongs to the education and sports categories of sports. In this regard, there are a lot of people worry, offer the professional, will let some students find the Internet addiction, "stately" grounds, and rejection to open this specialty in Colleges and universities; some people laugh, "play the game" can be played on the University, set up such professional is "make people drunk". In fact, since electronic athletics as a legitimate sport, as early as 2003, electronic athletics is approved by the State Sports General Administration, became the ninety-ninth sports project officially launched in China in 2008, and was re defined as the No. Seventy-eighth sports project, need appropriate management and service personnel, then, to the society demand oriented occupation colleges, facing the social demand to open the professional training of relevant personnel, this is no ground for blame cannot take the professional, open and students "Internet addiction", "play the game" hook to hang. Vocational education is based on the social needs of the occupation, which is the legitimate needs of society, it should be aimed at this demand, the development of appropriate personnel. In recent years, colleges and universities to set up professional equestrian, golf, wine and wine engineering. Electronic sports in recent years, rapid development in our country, is the need for specific players, managers and service personnel, it should not be by the education department to set professional directory, and should be made by independent colleges and universities according to the needs of society, combined with the conditions of running a school, set up the professional training of professional talents. But because our universities lack of professional autonomy to set, set up a professional and have to listen to the government instructions, which also led to a public concern, universities will set up professional gaming to like a swarm of bees, it is difficult for students to obtain employment. This is only through the implementation of school autonomy. The creation of E-sports professional, is not to encourage students to indulge in the game, such as the creation of wine professional, not to indulge in drinking. Some people say that colleges and universities to open E-sports professional, so play the game can be played into the University, in accordance with this argument, colleges and universities to open a computer professional, is not playing computer can play into the university? Open wine, drink wine can drink into the university? Is to play, but also depends on the time spent playing, or play a professional level, leading the trend of innovation". Some people play online games, spend their youth, and some play the game, play the game software, play out of Internet Co. But in fact, it is the time to play the game, the game is played, there is no innovation and contribution, and play a career, it needs to play the game, have professional knowledge and skills learning, cultivation of entrepreneurial thinking. As for Internet addiction, which seems to be the development of e-sports, online games, the problem?相关的主题文章: