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PK Italy international dispute exposed inter Juve Yaodao Pioli winter window dumped 3 waste materials – Sohu sports Berardi will be in the next summer to   Beijing time on November 12th, the Italy version of "Sky Sports" news, in January next year during the winter window, there are a lot of players will leave inter Milan coach Pioli will be re planning team. It is reported that the Greek club Panna Sinai Kos chose Melo and Uwe Diqy, a newly promoted Pescara eyeing Gabriel. According to Italy media said, Melo is a 33 year old former Inter Milan coach Mancini picked players since he after class, whether it is the age of De Boer, or now Piorry era, Brazil midfielder will become the team’s fringe players, the new season of Serie A only 3 appearances is the best example. Melo last summer from Galatasaray move to inter Milan, transfer fee of 3 million 700 thousand euros, signed a contract to the next summer, on behalf of the Nerazzurri has made 33 appearances, scoring 1 goals. "Sky Sports" broke the news, Panna Sinai Kos hopes to loan signing of Melo, until the end of the season, and we can take Milan international Brazil midfielder part of salary. Because icardi taifashenwei, Vidic has become marginal players in international Milan, Panna Sinai Kos want to sign Melo, Montenegro striker pack together. The player on loan last summer from Manchester City to inter Milan, if there is no accident, the Nerazzurri will be forced to activate the buy-out clause to complete the transaction. This season, the player only made 4 appearances, played a total of 52 minutes, or not to enter the list, or sitting on the bench; it is reported that the Milan international will consider Vidic after the buyout, the sell-off, Panna Sinai Kos is expected to become the next station Montenegro striker, but Fiorentina will also have the old London interest. As for Gabriel, this summer’s transfer deadline day to 30 million euros to join international Milan, still represents only 1 appearances for the Nerazzurri, unable to get the opportunity to play, as the Brazil national team regulars he has for a long time did not play selecao. After the news, Gabriel is expected to Empoli on loan, according to the latest news, Mappes Carla also promoted the Serie A in the pursuit of Brazil’s 20 year old Feng demon. The extension. International Milan eyeing Berardi, but the deal could be completed in the summer, Juventus is the biggest rival. Berardi’s agent, Segei Haedo Ni, confirmed in an interview that "it is difficult to talk about the transfer market in November, so it is also difficult to return to the same problem. I would say that Berardi had a choice this summer, but he finally chose to stay with Sassolo. As for the future, anything can happen. Milan or Juventus? I feel like I’m still quiet and don’t want to make trouble for the press. He chose to stay in Sasuoluota is decided, but this will be his final season here." Where did Berardi go to the final decision?. Juventus and inter Milan are interested in him, two clubs are chasing Berardi, but he is still a ball) SA Thoreau相关的主题文章: