PK Amazon echo Samsung or launch voice interactive Bluetooth speaker coinwatch

PK Echo Samsung launched Amazon or Bluetooth speaker voice interactive digital news Tencent (chares) according to the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) to provide the product files show, Samsung seems to be independently developed their own voice assistant, is also a Bluetooth audio "Samsung Scoop", if true, this means that the Amazon Alexa and Google Home everyone will face a new and powerful competitors. Although Samsung has not made any official response to this product, but FCC released about the product spy, according to the file, the built-in microphone and stereo Bluetooth system, intelligent mobile phone can be connected, and can be like Amazon Alexa as to achieve voice control, does not describe the specific function of the document, it is not clear Scoop to perform what kind of voice commands, support what platform, also do not know the specific size of it, but certainly it is a wristband, so there are some portable performance. Amazon Elexa audio voice assistant allows users to obtain weather information through voice commands to play songs, taxi or use other intelligent software, Google also launched in May and later his family intelligent voice assistant, Google Home, Amazon reported in the second half of last year sold one million units Echo, forecast sales this year to to reach 3 million units, Samsung began to develop intelligent audio program, perhaps the great reason for Galaxy series intelligent mobile phone push collocation. Source: ZDNET相关的主题文章: