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People’s Daily: Star wedding, don’t do consumption "Fengshenbang" – Beijing star in the social psychological aspect has a great potential influence, they provide a peek of the object, and to participate in people’s self perception and life orientation, quietly led a social atmosphere and social values as value and fashion leader, star and invisible shape people for "what is happiness" understanding. The lack of self constraint and self star, revealed their words and deeds in luxury consumption but even fallen rational negative ideas are constantly eroding the social brain, since a period of time that let a person with breadth of vision, a series of star lit public opinion explosion at the wedding. Entertainment news, micro-blog, circle of friends, there are stories, there are features, there is an analysis of the comments, a full range of three-dimensional coverage of public opinion, the star wedding frequently pushed headlines. Star wedding in the end what kind of magical power, attracted so many eyes? This can not help but make people think. Visit the micro-blog speech or comment will be found, in addition to the blessing and the comments of this marriage, a class is the most "gossip" details of the wedding, including the staggering luxury and extravagance, for luxury goods on speculation ZA, interpersonal relationship. Summed up as follows: the star lifestyle, star circle of friends curious and prying. The opinion of "curiosity", since the media platform appeared on the "Shi Shangbo", they will get a first-hand material for the first time, analysis of the hero and heroine clothing, accessories brands and models, to recommend their implantation of fashion products, more peripheral "blogger" will use pictures the link to the reader to a star with a "online shopping product. With the help of a Celebrity Wedding, luxury brands, celebrity endorsements of products, taking micro explosion models constitute a distinct level of consumption in Pyramid, and the star is portrayed as standing in the spire of the "consumer hero", radiate idol halo, continue to guide the direction of consumption "". Capital in this field get in by every opening and win the game, star, will be lavish and open to the media. In the glare of publicity, a family and friends to witness the love and blessings of the marriage ceremony is virtually bound to capital, packaging, onto the front, it is beyond the original intention of the wedding ceremony, become a conspicuous consumption show. As a netizen unsparing Criticism: "the wedding is a commercial speech, an advertising, commercial behavior." There is also a tit for tat counter criticism: "think what good Tucao, people spend, earn clean money, for his beloved people a Fairytale Wedding, what can not? Don’t eat grapes." This view is not without reason, if viewed from the perspective of ordinary people, as long as the legitimate income, the parties do consumption, of course is a personal matter, but the problem lies in the fact that we can get the stars just as "normal"? With the rapid increase of China’s social consumption capacity, the rapid expansion of the film and television industry, in the fashion industry related to literature, the local star’s right to speak gradually jumped. In recent years, the endorsement of the international top brands of foreign face gradually.相关的主题文章: