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Park Geun hye scandal spread showbiz insider speculation into blacklist Song Kanghao, Jin Huixiu and other artists to protest the world no more events due to improper disposal of blocked Sina entertainment news South Korean President Park Geun hye recently caught in a political scandal, broke her girlfriends Cui Shunshi holds the secret government documents, and suspected of politics and corruption, lead the people probably brought many of the conspiracy on. In fact, prior to this, Pu Jinhui has also been blasting out of the entertainment blacklist, blocking the protest has been the world’s number one event to get government subsidies for entertainers. Korean media "Korea Daily" pointed out that the South Korean government in May 2015, told the Ministry of culture and tourism and entertainment delivery ban list, blacklist inside entertainers almost all participated in the world no more event of improper disposal of "protest petition, including starring actor Song Kanghao" scary monsters "," signal "as a female police the actress Jin Huixiu, from 2014 to 2016 liquidation, a total of 9473 performers are listed as banned list; and the list of units and personnel are unable to obtain any government subsidies or shooting assistance. When the news came out, there are a lot of black artists on the list of public demands that the government also plans to take to the streets to protest, but the government did not see a positive response. Now the park along the outbreak of political work took Cui Cui Shunshi storm, users also close to high since the end of British and showbiz has a deep relationship, not only worked with Park Hae Jin is a good friend, cousin or well-known showbiz star, so the black list is associated with the political storm, also caused a lot of speculation. (commissioning editor: Kita)相关的主题文章: