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Cai Yingwen angered Taiwan, enterprises want to "escape"? Cai Yingwen, President of Sohu Taiwan region recently appeared to be increasingly tough attitude towards the mainland, cross-strait relations will continue to deteriorate. Cai Yingwen 10 in the "double ten celebration" speech to mention the "92 consensus", to "respect talks history" with the phrase too. The move once again seems to annoy the mainland, Taiwan Affairs Office spokesman said Ann Fengshan, whether or not to accept the "92 consensus", is the leader of the Taiwan authorities, the so-called "good" touchstone. Deny the "92 consensus", inciting cross-strait confrontation, cutting the cross-strait economic and social and cultural ties, is a dead wrong. From 20 to 5· "ten", because of Cai Yingwen’s "confrontation" attitude, not only directly affects the tourism industry in Taiwan, Taiwan enterprises have also been affected the deterioration of cross-strait relations. Formosa Plastics Group factory according to the "Japanese economic news" reported that the Taiwan plastic industry company chairman Lin Jiannan said, will take initiatives in India, Southeast Asia, Middle East and Africa market policy, significantly reduced dependence on Chinese market. He also said that it would fully committed to the sale of China’s economic growth in India, Turkey, Indonesia, Vietnam and other countries other than china. 1-9 last month, China’s contribution to the group’s sales accounted for about 26.5% of overall sales, while 1-9 fell to this year, is expected next year, the contribution rate will be less than 20%. Taiwan plastic industry and Formosa Petrochemical, Taiwan chemical fiber, South Asia plastic industry as Taiwan’s largest industrial complex enterprise Formosa Plastics Group’s listed companies. In April this year, Formosa Plastics Group’s Vietnam steel plant was refers to the discharge of pollutants caused by the death of a large number of central Vietnam coastal shoal, causing serious damage to the Vietnamese coastal towns in the tourism industry, about 200 thousand of the livelihood of the people affected, including 41 thousand fishermen. The Vietnamese government officials said, has paid $500 million a day before the Formosa Plastics Group (about 3 billion 340 million yuan). However, Lin Jiannan, chairman of the Vietnamese market is still confident that the event will not have an impact on the sales plan. Taipei Yuan Securities investment adviser said, China outside the market business, the Formosa Plastics Group increased significantly in India polyethylene sales. Polyethylene is used in the manufacture of a variety of household goods, the growth in demand in India than china.相关的主题文章:

Microsoft senior vice president Lu Qi due to health problems left, but may return after injury-brock lesnar

Microsoft senior vice president Lu Qi due to health problems left, but after the injury may return to the Tencent of science and technology translation Yu Si Microsoft CEO Satir · Nadella recently encountered a dilemma: he is one of the most trusted executives, Microsoft currently senior vice president Lu Qi, for "health reasons" had to leave work. A number of foreign media reports on the news of the departure of Lu qi. Microsoft official did not leave the land on the issue of an official statement, but an unnamed Microsoft insiders Tencent technology, Lu Qi’s work has been handed over a while ago. In Qi Lu left was a few months ago a bicycle accident, he broke his leg in the accident, in the next few months while working, while in the United States, Taiwan and other places to carry out treatment. He has been injured for half a year, has not been cured in the United states. Open two hours, it is necessary to stretch for 40 minutes." A Microsoft insider told Tencent technology. Lu Qi’s last public appearance was in August 5th this year in the domestic application of artificial intelligence Microsoft wheatgrass fourth generation conference. The day before the conference he was still in Taiwan for treatment, and at the end of the conference put on the leg protector. Leave Lu Qi appeared wheatgrass fourth generation conference Lu Qi is not a small loss for Microsoft. Before his departure in charge of the Office business is Microsoft’s most important source of income, directly to the CEO NADELLA report. At the same time, he is also responsible for the overall development of Microsoft wheatgrass artificial intelligence application. In order to fill the vacancy of Qi Lu, Microsoft has promoted another executive Rajesh Jha, and wheatgrass team also temporarily by the executive vice president of Microsoft’s global technology and R & D department director Shen Xiangyang took over. Some media believe that Lu Qi was just quit because of injury, smoke bombs, Lu Qi may join Uber or drops travel. The company declined to comment on the news. One of Microsoft’s Chinese employees told Tencent technology, Lu Qi’s departure may be due to sudden changes in the condition, the day before the meeting with colleagues, the next day out of the question can not work." Another former Microsoft executives declined to be named, Lu Qi in 2007 to join Microsoft, Microsoft content in the prestigious, Nadella served as CEO is entrusted with the task, is unlikely to leave at this time. More than Microsoft insiders believe that Lu Qi will return to Microsoft after a better condition. However, according to Bloomberg news, Gates will be Nadella and · after the injury will be a good adviser, said the report, and did not make it clear that the land will continue to act as Microsoft. Recommendation: focus on "AI generation" micro signal (tencentAI), reply "Standford", can obtain "Stanford University: 2030 artificial intelligence and life" Report Download link.相关的主题文章:

The temptation to profit capacity steel factory production and demolition furnace run-demonophobia

The temptation to profit capacity: steel factory production and dismantle the furnace run profit under temptation to capacity: Iron and steel plant to resume production and dismantle the furnace run newspaper reporter Xiao Ming Tangshan reported to one side and the side of steel production, almost throughout the whole of Hebei province. My steel network data show that this year, 8-11 months, Hebei to remove the 16 million 470 thousand tons of iron production capacity, production capacity is 11 million 800 thousand tons, and profitability is good. According to the investigation of the relevant state departments, a lot of private enterprises profit is better than state-owned enterprises, and environmental protection, management and social security costs and other workers are not in place. Hebei Tangshan steel iron and steel enterprises to resume production schedule. In September 2nd, the reporter visits Hebei Tangshan Songting mills, at the entrance of the parking lot full of parked vehicles, plant chimneys billowing white smoke". The local informed sources, after Songting steel production last year has indeed part of the resumption of production. This mill is located in Qian’an Town mill in January this year, the reporter visits, is another way, the huge empty parking lot behind the building, also quietly. Although it has been part of the resumption of production, and nearly 40 other Hebei Songting steel mills, need in the next 3 months (9-11 months) demolition of dozens of blast furnace and converter steelmaking. According to the Hebei development and Reform Commission requirements, in October this year, Songting mills need to demolish 450 cubic meters of a steelmaking furnace, involving 520 thousand tons of production capacity. This side of one side and the steel complex, almost throughout the whole of Hebei province. According to the China Securities and other agencies were calculated according to the overall goal of Hebei province capacity just released, 8-11 months of this year, Hebei will remove 16 million 470 thousand tons of iron production capacity, production capacity is 11 million 800 thousand tons, and a good profit situation. National Bureau of statistics data show that 1-7 months the national black metal smelting and rolling processing (steel) of the total profit of 83 billion 880 million yuan, profits accounted for the proportion of main business income was 2.3%, and the first seven months of last year marked contrast, then the total profit of 39 billion 150 million yuan, the main business income accounted for only 1%. According to the reporter, many private enterprises are more profitable, a ton of hot rolled coil current profit can reach three hundred or four hundred yuan, or even more. According to this calculation, the annual output of 5 million tons of factory, profits of nearly 1 billion 500 million. According to this year Yajian crude steel production capacity of 45 million tons, the remaining 5 months of 53% to get rid of excess capacity in the steel enterprise profit warming trend, the iron and steel enterprises will be "broken wrist pain". Iron and steel industry experts pointed out that Ma Zhongpu, the demolition has been profitable and the production of the furnace is cruel. Private enterprises own profits and losses, there is no national workers resettlement subsidies, especially in the case of the current traders steel stocks lower, the more the higher the price of the furnace, the more the production of enterprises. The survey data show the United Steel, iron and steel production capacity Yajian task has a total of 140 enterprises, including private enterprises accounted for up to 88.6%, involving iron production and steel production capacity was 26 million 200 thousand tons and 55 million 590 thousand tons, accounted for 70.9% and the相关的主题文章:

Upgrade the international car rental flying pig by double 11 to consolidate outbound travel products-winpm

Upgrade the international car rental fly by double 11 to consolidate the outbound tourism product line – the new network in Beijing on November, the eve of the eve of the 11 electric double on the eve of the fly pig (the original Ali travel) to further enhance the strength of outbound travel in. Hertz, the world’s largest car rental group, as well as China’s leading overseas Chinese car rental platform, Hui car both settled in flying pigs, providing self driving services for Chinese tourists all over the world. Not only is the perfect international car rental, flying pigs recently and sesame credit cooperation to achieve the outbound Wi-Fi credit free of charge, consumer behavior and sesame credit score reached 666 points of the user, you can enjoy free Wi-Fi rental deposit, deposit refund, Fu Yajin to solve the user pain points. From the Ali travel brand upgrade, the strategic focus of the development of pigs flying on the outbound tourism. From the double 11 campaign can be seen as a platform of flying pigs, in the outbound business began to show the rich tail of the business characteristics. As the rise of new forces, flying pigs also show the ambition to establish the industry benchmark. The world’s largest car rental company: 100% Hz Chinese Hz support license (The Hertz Corporation) international car rental was founded in 1918, after nearly 100 years of development, is one of the world’s largest car rental multinational group. Hertz in more than 10000 countries in the world has more than 150 stores, including nearly 3000 airport stores in the world’s major cities, basically realized the convenience of the next plane to rent a car. Hertz international car rental settled in the opening of the official store after flying pigs, and fly through the pig system directly, will be China’s hundreds of millions of outbound tourists, providing the world’s most mature car rental services. Chinese consumers can hire a direct experience Hertz vehicles around the world, including cars, commercial vehicles, SUV, roadster and a variety of luxury cars, a total of 750 thousand vehicles. For Chinese outbound tourists, Hertz put forward 2 100%:100% support Chinese driver’s license and insurance coverage of 100%. Tens of thousands of Hz in the world that Chinese stores, unified license, means that Chinese tourists without license in translation, the national license takes effort, while the 100% includes insurance, let Chinese self driving tourists overseas, more at ease. Hui car: 24 hours of Chinese customer service and international car rental giant settled over the same period of flying pigs, is an overseas car rental company – – car rental". Hui car joint global quality brand dealers, established a comprehensive Chinese overseas car rental platform and Alamo, Avis, Hertz, Enterprise, Europcar, Sixt and other famous international brands, hundreds of overseas and local car rental brand reached a depth of cooperation, the business covers more than 50 thousand stores, covering nearly more than and 180 countries. Including the United States, Australia, France, New Zealand, Germany and other popular destinations. As a Chinese their overseas car rental car rental service aggregation platform, benefits and user experience closer to our habits, to achieve a global 24 hours bilingual customer service, let China tourists self driving in a foreign country.相关的主题文章: