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Tiangong two vertical transport launch area 15 to 20 days to launch – Beijing 9, rocket vertical transport implementation of Tiangong two missions to the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center manned space launch area. Yang Zhiyuan photo (Xinhua News Agency) in Beijing on 9 September, (Yu Jianbin, Yang Xin, Xiao Jianjun) reporter from the Chinese manned space engineering office was informed that: Tiangong two space laboratory and the Long March two F T2 rocket flight products since early July onwards after entering, according to the process according to the mission test launch in September 9th, completed the assembly test the technology work. The 9 day at 8:35, carrying the Long March two F T2 rocket with Tiangong two space laboratory combination of the activities of the launch platform out of the general assembly and testing plant, drive about 1.5 hours after the vertical transport to launch area. Later, in the launch area to carry out the Tiangong two space laboratory and the Long March two F T2 rocket function test and combined test work, the completion of the final state after confirmation of rocket propellant added on September 15th to 20, plans to launch. Tiangong two is China’s first truly laboratory space, equipped with a space atomic clock 14 applied load, and weight loss etc. cardiovascular research space medical laboratory equipment, equipped with maintenance technology verification device, manipulator terminal maintenance test equipment, development of space science and technology test (real) test. Vertical transport is completed, marking the Tiangong two space lab mission officially entered the launch phase. At present, space applications, Jiuquan launch site and communication system, has finished executing Tiangong two space lab mission related preparations.相关的主题文章:

To make children smarter, cook the sauce with several youzhuodian mother – Sohu nrf905

To make children smarter, cook the sauce with several youzhuodian – Sohu maternal diet of children is correct collocation, will contribute to the healthy growth of children, but the right and good is different, some spices added to the child’s diet, but will let the child but is tantamount to lead a person to endless aftertastes, children’s health, even it is harmful to the body, it is prudent to add some seasoning, otherwise it will let the children eat more stupid. The child’s body organs have not been developed, the excessive consumption of salt will cause pressure on the kidneys, endanger the health of the body. One year old children can not eat salt, based on the original flavor of food. 1~3 years less salt, if the child is poor appetite, can add a bit of not more than 1 grams. 3~6 can add salt, but the daily intake should not exceed 2 grams. The sugar candy children naturally like sweet food, and the addition of sugar in the food will increase the child’s appetite, but too much sugar will affect the child’s taste and brain development. According to our living conditions, children aged 3~6, the daily required amount of sugar in 240 ~ 280 grams, basically every day to eat, eat well, there is no need to add additional. If in order to taste, a little less every day can be, but not more than 10 grams. Some mothers food base in order to save time, will add some soda in the porridge, boiled porridge thick, refreshing. But this approach is in fact the The loss outweighs the gain. because the nutrient, edible alkali will not only destroy the porridge, the children of long-term consumption of adding alkali porridge, can cause vitamin deficiency caused by beriberi, constipation, anemia and other diseases. MSG MSG is not worth promoting, eating too much MSG will lead to a lack of zinc in the body of children, affecting the child’s physical and mental development. And WHO provides food for children under the age of 1 to disable MSG, children under the age of 12 may not add msg. Parents should let their children eat more natural food flavor, after all, just a MSG seasoning product is not essential, in order to increase the flavor of food. Soy sauce within one year old child can not eat soy sauce, soy sauce, salt because content as high as 20%, but not easy to control the consumption. The child’s food flavor, add dark soy sauce after the food, will affect the child’s appetite. ———————— children caught a cold, how to do? What is the baby crying? How do the child spits? Baby long eczema how to deal with? Want to let the baby grow taller, what way? When will the baby call mother? 1 year old really have to wean it?…… If you have these parenting confusion, please pay attention to WeChat public number: [parenting tips]. Do the "bottom" of the mother heart!相关的主题文章:

The Eleventh China airshow opening morning f -20 will be on display – Sohu news mi.11bt.info

The Eleventh China airshow opening morning f -20 will be on display – Sohu news   people.com.cn November 1 Zhuhai Xinhua (Qiu Yue) this morning, the eleventh session of China international aviation and Aerospace Exhibition (2016 Chinese airshow) will be held in Zhuhai. At present, more than and 700 exhibitors from 42 countries and regions have been fully in place, including aircraft, radar, missiles and other more than and 60 types of hundreds of weapons and equipment have been waiting for the opening service. The show is showcasing the latest achievements of Chinese defense industry, the f -20 stealth fighter, the whole CM-302 supersonic missile and other exhibits on public display for the first time. In October 28th, Chinese air force spokesman Shen said, in the China airshow, air force test pilot will drive f -20 aircraft flight display, it will be China independently developed a new generation of stealth fighter debut. It is reported that this morning, will be carried out during the airshow f -20 first official flight display. In addition to outside air force fighter -20, Bayi aerobatic team will f -10 offer a good flight performance. In addition, the British "red arrow", Russia’s "Warriors" and "swift", Pakistan’s "four Xiaolong" aerobatic team will also offer stunts. Among them, the "warrior" and "swift" mixed fleet for the first time of flight performance outside russia. In the static display area, the air force China just entered service near the domestic large transport transport -20 for the first time for the public to static display, repeatedly went to the offshore training boom -6K bombers debut in the new generation system of AWACS air marshals -500 at the Zhuhai airshow in the exhibition. In addition to the outside of the aircraft, the static display area will also display long-range air-to-air missile, cruise missile, changjon -20, Eagle -63B and other types of missiles by CM-302 whole supersonic missile China Aerospace Science and Industry Group R & D for the first time to meet with the public. In terms of the UAV, in addition to the "pterosaur -1" and "-2, -3" pterosaur "rainbow," rainbow -4 "star models, the latest domestic police hit one of the drones" rainbow -5 "unveiled. In addition, the solar UAV and the "rainbow -805" high speed stealth drone and other products are unveiled this show. The air show for the first time open up nearly 10 football fields of dynamic demonstration area is large, the audience will be able to see the development of Chinese ordnance industry group VT-4 main battle tanks, VN12 tracked infantry fighting vehicles and other more than and 10 different types of tanks and armored assault vehicle dynamic exercise, showing "tank running" spectacular.相关的主题文章:

Do not patronize the baby, postpartum 42 days of this check is very important to her mother! Sohu – lformat

Do not patronize the baby, postpartum 42 days of this check is very important to her mother! Mother with a baby – Sohu, and to do so many checks! Is the blood, is holding back, too! Finally, when the baby was born, the mother had thought it would be liberated, I did not expect to be told by the doctor, 42 days after delivery to the hospital to check". Many mothers do not understand: 42 days after the inspection is necessary to go? What is the specific check? Today we talk about mom and kangaroo this topic. What is the purpose of postpartum check? 42 days postpartum is an important examination time postpartum mothers, mothers after childbirth, the body will be a lot of changes. Take about 42 days, in order to make the reproductive organs and the body (except breast outside) returns to the non pregnant state, this time is called the puerperium. 42 days after the inspection is not necessarily postpartum in the first 42 days, a few days later a few days can be. The examination is mainly to determine the situation of postpartum maternal and child, you can make a good understanding of the doctor’s maternal recovery, timely detection of abnormalities, so as not to delay treatment and disease. The doctor will ask questions, and then combined with the actual situation of new mothers, and then arrange for examination, to determine whether there are physical problems of postpartum mothers; at the same time, the doctor will do a physical assessment of infants, mothers if there is what parenting confusion, this time to ask the doctor. In addition, after examination, the doctor will postpartum nutrition and sexual life of mother’s guidance, it is very necessary, especially serious complications during pregnancy on mothers is more important. After 42 days to check what? A check, the mother’s body: 1, to understand the case of cervical cervical cases, to see if there are lochia. Typically, lochia sustainable about 3 weeks, the first week of more, mostly red, but should not have a blood clot. After second weeks, secretions gradually become brownish serous, slowly become yellowish white, with the final recovery of the uterus, lochia and most of them will also become transparent like leucorrhea. Lochia completely clean can be restored to life, but it is best to use a condom, because even if menstruation has not recovered, there may still be ovulation pregnancy. 2, look at the wound healing situation if done episiotomy side, depending on the wound healing. Generally speaking, as long as the postpartum nursing care and cleaning, puerperal after wound recovered almost. If there is any discomfort in the wound, check with the doctor. 3, pelvic floor examination can understand the pelvic floor muscle tension recovery. During pregnancy and childbirth, pelvic floor muscles, nerve damage, if postpartum pelvic floor recovery is not good, will lead to postpartum leakage of urine, vaginal wall prolapse, bladder prolapse, uterine prolapse and other serious cases. 4, press the fundal pressing the uterus involution of uterus, understand. When the fetus and placenta after delivery, uterine soon deflated, takes about 6 weeks to recover to pre pregnancy size. According to the actual situation, if necessary, do B ultrasound examination. 5, check the abdominal incision cesarean section of the mother to check the healing of abdominal wounds. ~相关的主题文章: