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Wanda aged bribery case exposure "cannot tolerate corruption" Wang Jianlin anger in a recent judgment published by the media, the original Jincheng Dalian Municipal Committee was in 1998 to 2015 years of accepting illegal more than and 30 real estate companies bribery, which involves Wang Jianlin’s Dalian Wanda Group, and close friend Wang Jianlin Sun Xishuang in charge of Dalian Wan Feng. "Source: Referee network according to the Benxi city procuratorate accused, Jincheng Dalian Wanda in enterprise restructuring, business development in 2007~2009 years before and after the use of his office to help. Thank you for offering help, then served as Dalian Wanda real estate company manager and cold Moumou had 2008 and 2009 successively from the company’s financial accounts removed 300 thousand yuan to jincheng. "Source: Referee network judgment mentioned, briber Moumou served as cold company directors, manager. Business information, 2007~2009 years, Dalian Wanda Real Estate Co., Ltd., general manager of the registration of the name of cold transfer gold. His early years as a director of the company, and in January 2006 was hired as general manager of the company, until 2010 the position taken over by others. Source: "referee network cold transfer payment in 2010 resigned after they were in the Wanda Group in other business company. According to the Commission disclosed in November last year, Wanda Commercial A shares prospectus shows that as of the end of June 30, 2015, the cold transfer of gold is still one of the shareholders of Wanda Commercial natural person, a total of 12 million shares held. Figure September 29th, Wanda Group’s official website issued on the cold transfer of gold, Han Yuqiu punishment decision. Recently, some media published reports on the Jincheng bribery case, group learned that, when he was the general manager of Dalian Wanda Commercial Company Leng Chuanjin and vice president of finance Han Yuqiu worked in the Xigang District of Dalian city in 2008 and 2009 two unauthorized misappropriation of company funds 300 thousand yuan bribe when he was the former mayor, district committee secretary jincheng. For Wanda Group Decision: 1, cold pass serious violation of group financial regulations, unauthorized embezzlement bribery, it brings serious negative impact to the group, the primary responsibility; 2, the implementation of financial group has always vertical management, Han Yuqiu as vice president of Finance in the financial center group fails to report the case of unauthorized biography with cold misappropriation of gold company funds, directly responsible; 3, the group decided to avoid cold transfer, chief engineer Kim Dalian Wanda Commercial real estate Limited by Share Ltd post, terminate the labor contract; in view of the South Korea al retired, no additional administrative sanctions; 4, the board of directors of the group decided to temporarily freeze two people held in Dalian Wanda Commercial real estate shares stopped two equity dividends 5, instructed the group; Audit Center immediately rushed to the Dalian company, carries on the investigation to the cold, the two Koreas and Dalian’s financial situation According to the results of the investigation and then make further sanctions decision. According to die Zeit reported that in many occasions, Wang Jianlin expressed the intolerable corruption attitude. In a speech in June 23, 2015, he opened a private enterprise to remedy is "corruption", "corruption to curb no boundary expansion of state-owned enterprises, put a lot of corruption by collusion swept away from the market, greatly reduce the unfair phenomenon on the market." He said. For corruption相关的主题文章:

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European stocks continue to decline by oil prices dragged down Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Huitong network September 14th News – Tuesday (September 13th) the European stock market fell fourth, due to the Fed’s dovish speech director Renard to bring the stock market initially supported and dissipated, pressure drop in oil prices. Britain’s FTSE 100 fell 0.53%, France shares CAC40 index declined 1.19%, DAX stock index fell 0.43% in germany. The STOXX 600 index fell 1%, but still higher than Monday after hitting a five week low, investors reacted tensions in the volatility index to resume its rally, up 4%. The pan European stock index rose in early trading up to 0.6%, because the Fed governor Brainard’s speech to appease investors. Fed governor Renard on Monday said the Fed’s cloth must be careful, don’t be too quick to withdraw monetary stimulus. However, the European stock market rally, due to the U.S. stock market opened down, and because of concerns about oversupply of oil prices fell, resulting in oil stocks fell more than 2.8%, the worst performance in the European stock market. Syz Asset Management fund manager Michele Pedroni said, "the stock market investors are not sure whether the U.S. interest rate hike Dumbledore, because economic growth is still fragile, the debt level is still very high, and the lack of economic growth, which increases the risk of market fluctuations, the current have yet to see signs of the steady growth of the European economy." German DAX index hourly chart shows   enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章:

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Orient Futures: demand inflection point iron rallies clients view the latest market research report points: real estate, the high point of the year has now, the second half is expected to decline in steel production is facing an inflection point, the price of iron ore bearing steel supply side reforms will hurt a part of production demand has begun to weaken trading strategy: (1701 varieties: iron ore i1701) directions: point: 400-460 empty open positions: 50%, adjust stop: more than 470 profit point: the first 370 goals, second goals 300 points: risk investment research team to improve the growth of infrastructure continues to grow the core logic of real estate policy changes in monetary policy changes in steel export growth: real estate has emerged the inflection point, ultimately reflected in the reduction in demand for steel; While the demand for steel and iron and steel industry to reduce the supply side reform will also be in two aspects of iron ore demand and prices caused by pressing; in the short term, apparent steel demand has declined, steel stocks cumulative; ore port stocks high number, although the high yield steel plant good profit due to demand for the leading iron ore port stocks of iron ore fell, but shows the cumulative steel stocks, the future will suppress the procurement of iron ore. Operational recommendations are short, and focus on infrastructure investment, real estate and monetary policy and export demand several major risk points. First, the real estate has been the high point of the year, the second half is expected to decline 4 in real estate sales, new construction area of the cumulative growth of 21.4% and 36.5% respectively compared to the same period; 4 real estate development investment and total investment cumulative year-on-year cumulative year-on-year respectively 7.2% and 9.3%, have reached a high point of the year and began to decline. A second city residents repeatedly hit a record high, the most expensive land are frequent, so the real estate policy tightening, March 25th Shanghai introduced the most stringent new Shanghai nine, Xiamen 5 city have also started to implement different levels of purchase or credit limit move. In the second half, with the reduction of real estate investment growth and policy tightening, the growth rate is expected to decline further. Figure 1: the new housing construction area of the cumulative year-on-year Figure 2: total investment in real estate development sources: Wind, an oriental Futures Research Institute in July M1 rose 25.4%, M2 rose 10.2%; the scale of social financing was 487 billion 900 million yuan, a record low for the year, suggesting that social liquidity is still abundant, but did not enter the entity industry. So the second half of the monetary policy stimulus space is limited. Figure 3: real estate development investment and the price of iron ore sources: Wind, Oriental Futures Research Institute from the historical data, the high iron ore prices and real estate investment positive correlation, each round of fall are accompanied by the real estate industry downturn. The first round of decline from September 2011 to September 2012, real estate investment growth fell from 32% to 16%, down nearly 50%, while the price of iron ore fell from $180 tons to $90 tons, the decline was also.相关的主题文章:

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Good development timely second-hand car to drive car policy – Sohu a lot of friends ask star TERT to buy the second-hand car "is not hit, can not open ah, people know more than a face Oh, good car, what they sell, is not a fool………" Stop and listen to me by reading the mystery. The second-hand car, as its name implies is already used car, national policy that is registered in the traffic management of public security organs, in accordance with the national standard of scrapping, and has two times the use of motor vehicle value and circulation. Return to the national policy level to say, the twelfth session of the Fourth National People’s Congress, the State Council Premier Li Keqiang in 2016 government work report mentioned in the "active second-hand car market, just 7 words led to the industry of infinite hope. In the highest specifications of the meeting referred to used cars, in the past is absolutely no precedent. And the meeting also developed a national eight, it should be said, the country is a comprehensive and systematic design and layout of the current situation of the development of China’s used car industry in the current eight. Under the layout of such a policy, China’s second-hand car industry, will usher in a golden age of development. Up to now, a lot of data show that China is the world’s largest new car market, if the second-hand car included, certainly not the world’s largest car market. This is not surprising, because the Chinese car on the road 2/3 less than 5 years, of which 80% of the people are the first car. In most developed countries, at least two or more of the used cars are sold every time they sell a new car. In China, the opposite is true, each selling a used car, about three new cars sold. Although second-hand car trading volume has been growing, but the scale is still only about 40% of new car sales, and used car sales reached a new car of the United States and other overseas countries can not be compared to 2.5 times. The prosperity of the used car market in the end to the country and personal benefits? The development of the national economy is facing greater downward pressure, consumption stimulating economic growth has become the "troika", invigorate the second-hand car, can greatly promote the automobile consumption, so as to expand consumption, steady growth play an important role, in some provinces and cities, the automobile industry has become the pillar industry, the new development of weak competition, the prosperity of the second-hand car market, can create greater market space for the new car consumption, prosperity and development of the circulation of second-hand automobiles is a prerequisite for the stable development of the automotive industry, second-hand car active not only drives the new car consumption, but also promote auto parts, maintenance, insurance, brokerage, electronic commerce and a number of strong ability to absorb employment service industry development. That is to say, the car can’t judge!! For individuals, the benefits are not enough to lift your fingers and toes. The second-hand car market is active, will bring a range of second-hand car, to meet the different needs of friends Car Buying. Slowly toward the standardization of the used car industry, will give consumers more affordable and convenient car. Micro signal: jolly_talky we are only concerned with your personal car life! From car to car, we provide you.相关的主题文章: