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Outdoors There are number of things that add metropolitan streak to Orlando. World class resorts and hotels in the city create an urge in vacationers to book flights to Orlando. In top rated hotels, you would find bars where you can drink and dance all night long and be a part of eclectic nightlife of the city. While vacationing in Orlando, you would .e across some of the top rated night out spots in the entire country. One of the most popular bars and lounges in the city is Why Not Lounge. Number of clubbing fans and party animals search for cheap flights Orlando especially to spend time in this lounge. It is among the prime destinations to be a part of live entertainment. They have a house band known as House Party that keeps music lovers to the lounge again and again. It was opened in mid 70s and since then serving its guests incredible live music. Besides music, you can also enjoy people dancing on electronic beats. The lounge opens its gates for party animals and live music fans on the evenings of Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Other things that make it one of the most visited lounges in Orlando are reasonable price of drinks and friendly staff. Book flights to Orlando from UK to add cool factor to your vacation while spending time at Velvet Bar in Hard Rock Hotel. Apart from wide variety of martinis, cocktails and drinks, the bar is known for its Velvet Sessions that take place on the last Thursday of the month. While being a part of these local sessions, you can experience local culture of central Florida. This is the only Rock n Roll party that takes place in Orlando. So, while booking Orlando flights, try to find flights that fly during the last week of the month. Every month, the event features new theme. The two hour long session starts at 6:30 pm. Photographers take pictures of most bizarre, happy and gorgeous guests. These pictures then published on the website of Velvet Bar. Apart from these Velvet Sessions, the bar is also famous for hosting birthday events. If you are booking cheap Orlando flights in October, you can participate in popular Halloween Session. In the past, number of top rated celebrities and musicians have performed in this monthly event. Some of the popular artists performed in velvet sessions are The tubes, ABC, Foreigner, Joan Jett, The Romantics and Eddie Money. Rix Lounge is another popular bar that .pels people to book cheap flights to Orlando. This sophisticated yet striking lounge is located in Disney Resorts and was opened in 2008. The lounge is housed in Coronado Springs Resort. At the Rix, you can choose from wide variety of drinks, cocktails, martinis and mocktails. Also, you can order variety of appetizers. Some of the popular appetizers that keep .ing food lovers to Rix are Chorizo Flat Bread, Salmon Tartar and Seafood Capuccino. The lounge can ac.modate 300 people. You can enjoy 40s music with great mix while sipping your drink. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: