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Online sports champion business failure let a coin to decide the fate of the network game as a master, he had commanded the team to participate in the various network game StarCraft game, and won several regional electronic Athletics Championship game. He is obsessed with online games and has a brilliant record, I think there is a great prospect of operating online games, they borrow money from relatives and friends to embark on the road of network entrepreneurship. Is difficult, because of the lack of experience, the first venture failed. Then he ran the shop, but failed. He is tired out, also owed a debt. Under the weight of economic and mental pressure, he decided his life with a coin. Finally, he paid the price for his choice. In October 28th, Foshan District of Shunde City Public Security Bureau arrested the robbery took no return Wu suspects, uncovered a robbery. The choice of a coin coin can not bear the burden of thought, Wu thought of the crime". He always abide by the law, the "crime" is the heart of the conflict, but the debt pressure, and didn’t mind. So he let a coin decide his life…… Coin reverse! He decided to rob! In October 26th, Wu got a knife, half – bottle of gasoline, a pair of white gloves, a lighter, a plastic band out looking for targets of crime. 19 PM, Wu saw the woman Haomou to work driving Benz away from the car, quickly left the backdoors, and hand reined Haomou in neck, encounter resistance, gasoline spray to Haomou, take out a lighter threat out of her belongings. Haomou in order to protect themselves, handing over the cash to carry 5000 yuan RMB and HK $1000, the right hand is Wu with plastic ribbon tied on the steering wheel. 40 hours after the robbery case Foshan City Public Security Bureau received a report after the incident, immediately set up a task force to investigate the case of malignant robbery from the. In the vicinity of the crime scene, police found the suspect left the tools of crime, through found on the surrounding video and related clues investigation, suspects fled the crime, fled in a hurry, cash dropped on the way to escape unaware. After 40 hours of careful analysis and investigation, the police locked the suspect wu. At noon on October 28th, the police rushed to Yunfu in Luoding, Luo town in a hotel and arrested the suspect, recovered part of the stolen cash. After the interrogation, the suspect Wu in Shunde Longjiang robbery confessed to the crime, and to the police out of all sorts of network games before their own business experience and reason. However, everyone is equal before the law, even if the experience of many worries, as long as the law, will be prosecuted! (source: Southern news editor:   MI) Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: