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Java has become one of the fundamental Object Oriented Programming languages. It is believed that the name Java has its origins in the Coffee which is produced on the Island of Java. Java is the island of Indonesia and its Capital city Jakarta is on this island. The original inventors of Java (Programming language) are believed to be having a coffee from this island when the name stuck a chord with them and hence the name Java (and the coffee cup icon). Some of the advantages of Java over other Object Oriented Programming languages are: Its ease of use Helps development & deployment of large enterprise applications faster Java has a large number of pre built APIs which reduces a lot of coding effort Of course its Object Oriented programming concept Highly skilled trainers at will provide you with the best of training online in core Java concepts. A 3day session with our Trainer will ensure that you will be upgraded & know the Core Java concepts needed in todays work place. The Online Java training is scheduled such that there is efficive use of the time. By dividing each training session into 1.5 hr session each the concentration level of the student is maintained. Form our past Online Java Training experiences we have known that a student looses his ability to concentrate on the training after about 1.5 hrs. Hence we have structure each session of our training not to last more than that time frame. Each 1.5 hr Online Java Training sessions are sub-divided into 2 parts: 1.A theoretical part where the Online Java Trainer explains the various concepts of Java using Power Point presentations, PDF documents and live White Board interface for illustrations 2.A practical exercise part where the student under the guidance of the Online Java Trainer performs certain tasks. These real time tasks help solidify the concepts which the student has learnt in the theoretical parts. This Online Core Java Training program is a 6 day training program with the following objectives of the course: Understanding the concepts of core Java programming. Getting familiar with object oriented concepts and their application in languages Getting familiar with subclasses, nested classes, interfaces and abstract classes Understanding the concept and importance of exception handling Introduces to essential java classes which help in writing java code effectively. Introduction to Java GUI programming and concept of MVC using Java Swing Understanding multi-threaded programming Introduction to network programming using Java Java Documentation and other extra features of Java 5+ 9 Resources For Learning Ember.js By: Paul GM – Based on the model-view-controller (MVC) pattern, Ember.JS is an open-source JavaScript application framework and is most commonly used to create scalable single-page web applications. Tags: Can Obamacare Really Create Competition In 2015…find Out Now! 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