Officials spend hundreds of thousands to buy a statue of Buddha in the home to look for Feng Shui Fe

Officials spend hundreds of thousands of Buddha buy home which find Mr. Feng Shui divination future – Beijing political discipline cannot be violated according to the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Department website announced in October 31st, the party secretary of Jixi University Yan Changqing serious violation was expelled from the party and the public. Among them, the "Yan Changqing violation of political discipline, against the organization to review the statement in a prominent position in the report. Against the organization review, no political beliefs, engage in scientific activities for a long time, interfere with the central special inspections"…… Read the discipline of discipline inspection cadres informed of the discipline, in violation of political discipline, political rules, the plot appears frequently. This not only reflects the current supervision and management of Party members and cadres strictly, but also shows that some party members and cadres in the body, the political discipline and political rules to relax the problem is more prominent. 1 public meetings, false face, individual party members and cadres of political discipline consciousness out of the team in the party’s discipline, political discipline is heading, total tube. But in recent years, supervision and discipline and inspection situation, individual party members and cadres of political discipline consciousness is lost. Firm ideals and beliefs, to temper the party spirit, this is the most basic Communist Party members must abide by the political discipline. But some party members and cadres do not believe in Marxism believe in ghosts, participate in superstitious activities, and even to look up to as the standard. For example, the original Tianjin Municipal Committee, former Secretary of the Committee Jinnan Lv Fuchun road in the personal growth and progress encountered on a little bit "not", he abandoned the communist faith, superstition, spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy the Buddha enshrined in the home, looking for Mr. Feng Shui Bu asked. The decay of thought leads to the deviation of the Party Central committee. Wine and dine "is not a thing, art is a small place, not what problem." This is the end of 2012, the former deputy party secretary of the Tianjin Academy of Educational Sciences, Dean Wu Red Army to convey the spirit of the provisions of the central eight words. Such a public false discussion of the party’s policy including senior cadres of the party. Former Secretary of the Hebei Provincial Committee, provincial people’s Congress, former director Zhou Benshun told members of the team said, now central to catch the eight provisions, grip is too thin too strict, not necessary, "the wine to drink or to drink, drink wine is what is not good, drink more atmosphere". In addition to the published remarks, the central conflict decision making false discussion central fundamental policy behavior, secretly engage in Party round patronage, cliques, gangs, foster private power nature more bad. The Liaoning system of bribery case involving a large number of serious cases, of which there are a number of leading cadres in the democratic recommendation, engage in election canvassing bribery and other non organizational activities, former Secretary of the Liaoning Provincial Committee General Wang Min as the first responsible person, have the primary leadership responsibility and direct responsibility for the problem of canvassing bribery, bribery case shocking, serious the destruction of the local political ecology. By luck, resort to deceit, cheating, and some party members and cadres in the investigation against the organization when common trick. Hexi District of Tianjin City, is mainly responsible for clues about the problem and the deputy director of the District People’s Congress Comrade Wang Wei talks to verify, Wang Wei to reflect the concealed personal matters, misappropriation of public funds were denied, and the organization to provide false)相关的主题文章: