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"Octopus" robot: open a new era of science and technology — software robot people.com.cn original title: "octopus" robot software: open a new era of robotics software robot – Octopus today view of American scientists developed to machine a octopus looks exactly like the Octopus "(Octobot)", the soft robot "height" less than 2 cm, is the first of all by the flexible parts, with full automatic fuel, "self-sufficient" robot. According to the British "nature" magazine recently reported that the researchers said, octopus robot is a software robot in the ocean to turn up the waves. Flexible manufacturing is the key parts in recent years, engineers and scientists interested in software robots they hope beyond the similar grow with each passing day, the "terminator" by way of hard metal material made of the robot, designed some new robots: they can be extruded into a tight space; can change the shape according to the surrounding environment or safety; the operation of delicate object. The imagination is very good, but for researchers, making flexible parts can replace the battery and the circuit of the rigid part in real life, which is always in the development of software robot on the road of "stumbling block". Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL), director of robotics experts Danielle? Ruth said: "in the traditional robot body, brain, electronic devices, batteries, these parts are very hard. Software robot is a new field, it is of intense interest." The newly developed "octopus" robot is made of silicon rubber, its "brain" is a flexible microfluidic chip, valves and switches by internal pressure activated, guide liquid fuel flow through the "body", so as to control the 8 "claw" action. Robert, an engineer at the Harvard University, said: "it is similar to a normal circuit. It is not just the transfer of electrons, but the transfer of liquid and gas."." Octopus robot body printed by 3D. For the manufacture of "octopus robot" in the body, the researchers will mold silicone rubber dumped into an octopus shape, and then use the 3D printer in which the injection of special ink, followed by heating to correct its structure, which makes the ink evaporation — in the robot’s internal claws leaving a hollow network and with the brain. The robot’s "brain" through the hollow pipe with claws "talk". Abandon the battery using liquid fuel many software robots will connected with the compressed air tank, the use of its power, but it will limit the scope of robot action for Wood and colleagues and the use of liquid fuel and power supply for the robot using chemical reaction. They are the fuel concentration of 50% hydrogen peroxide solution, "octopus robot" is filled with this solution, at the same time, they also looked into the robot (Platinum acts as a catalyst, in order to achieve better results, the actual use of the platinum metal powder), when the solution encountered platinum, it will decompose into larger water and oxygen quickly. As oxygen increases, the pressure in the body of the octopus increases相关的主题文章: