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Novice tea, how to grasp the investment amount of tea? (for example to Pu’er Tea) – Sohu and map: South Beauty 2016 Lincang rattan tea tea tea trees spring "dam glutinous" want to get a good cup of tea, in addition to the quality of tea, brewing techniques is the key, as a first step before brewing tea let the novice, headache than tea quantity! Many will make tea tea tea strong bitter, less makes tea light did not taste, recently there are tea friends in individual number: dydy500 in a message asking, "what should we grasp the investment amount of tea in the tea tea." Here is a detailed analysis of tea friends. 1, the tea container size can usually be determined according to the number of tea drinking tea tea container, the number of natural selection capacity of some of the tea, tea and then selected according to its capacity to decide the investment amount of tea. About the amount of tea, in general, the proportion of tea in the 1:30, which is 1 grams of tea corresponding to the water of 30 ml, for example, the corresponding amount of the container of 200 ml of tea for the amount of 6 – 7 grams. Therefore, when the tea can be calculated according to the proportion of the required amount of tea. Of course, this is not static, different tea will be different, the following will be explained in detail. Map: South Beauty 2016 Lincang rattan tea tea tea trees in spring 2, according to the "Ba waxy" brewing tea of different tea because of different raw materials and production process, some tea leaves leaching speed, precipitation of the material, some tea leaves low leaching rate and less precipitation of the material, which makes the brewing tea the amount of the different needs of different tea. Tea is relatively young tea containing material can quickly overflow of tea, tea should also reduce the amount of investment amount, such as Green Tea, yellow tea, white tea in young leaf buds made of tea, tea when the ratio should be controlled at about 1:50, and the molar ratio of 1:50 is more suitable for tea tea tea is relatively young. Map: South Beauty 2016 Lincang rattan tea tea tea trees spring "dam glutinous" but if it is relatively rough old tea, tea, tea or Dayezhong tea containing material overflow slower, according to the proportion of 1:50 tea would appears to be more light and no taste, so the investment amount of tea will increase. Such as Pu’er Tea, Liupu tea, Fuzhuan Tea Ching, not to tender for good tea, tea is due to an increase in the proportion of tea and water is generally between 1:20 and 1:30 is more appropriate. As the tea brewing South Beauty 2016 "Ba" rattan tea glutinous, 175 ml of tureen throw tea 7 grams, can taste the tea flavor of masculine strength. After fermentation of tea and tea volume will be more than not fermented tea less, because after fermentation of tea, the tea in a part of the original material can not be dissolved in water, after fermentation into other to water-soluble substances, such as cellulose in the tea is fermented into soluble carbohydrate, which makes tea can be integrated into the material in water increases. Map: South Beauty 2016 Lincang rattan tea tea tea trees in spring "dam and glutinous cellulose will reduce the net相关的主题文章: