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Not obedient children, not only to chat with parents (with communication – Sohu maternal public number: picture book selection (ID:huibenjingxuan) free resources

family education | parent-child picture book tasting manual many mothers complain that children grow older, with his family to speak less. Sometimes adults ask, "how are you doing today?" The answer is often "Okay, okay", then did the following. The child is seemingly very obedient, but have their own small 99 inside him, is not with the parents say. And this led to the problem, the child suddenly broke out during adolescence, people want to change too late. Therefore, when the child is still young, we have to learn to chat with children. Children hate the way to chat, but also the most useless purpose is too strong a lot of parents chat with their children, and finally turned into a sermon. For example: parents: "today in school how?" Child: "today I learned a lot of new knowledge." Parents: "learn new knowledge on the right, to learn more knowledge, or later can only move bricks." Children:…… Parent: "did you have a good time today?" Child: "well, I got to know a new friend today." Parents: "can make friends, but can not always play together, ah, the first study to do a good job again. " children:…… See, what can chat to talk about learning, the original child would like to share with you, to the end of the language often ended up. In fact, the parents with the purpose of chat, they just a unilateral indoctrination. Tell the children to Study hard, this approach often does not need to spend too much time for parents to think and organize language, is the most simple. But the effect of such a chat is minimal. Questioning like a child to report many parents go to school to pick up their children after school, along the way to ask the children in the school today. Every day to ask, seem to form a pattern, but also began to answer if things go on like this, the child model: "well, well, can also be very good……" In response to this, parents are not getting any valid information. If the parents do not hesitate to ask a lot of questions, the child is afraid that he can not help but tired of losing his temper, not to mention a good chat. Don’t think you can chat, chat about the day that parents are dead don’t think more than a simple chat, especially when the object is in the face of a child, did not follow the routine play opponents, parents is very easy to talk. Child: "Mom, I want to tell you something."." (the child started to chat.) "." (a little impatient): "Mom, I want to buy a pair of sneakers." Mom: "what to buy? Isn’t there a lot of shoes?." Child: "just buy me a pair."." Mom: "do not buy, hurry to do homework!" Child: "hum! If you don’t buy me, I will not do my homework!" painting相关的主题文章: