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No matter what the single dog! Men hate their girlfriend to do what the reality is different from the animation works, there are often a lot of contradictions. The three dimension of the women will not be as perfect as the two dimension, people can not help but want to love a lifetime. In this way, some of the behavior of a girlfriend in love may be uncomfortable. To this end, the Japanese media recently conducted a survey. Q. you can’t tolerate your girlfriend to do what kind of behavior? First bit / off the rails…… Second 28.1% / smoking…… 26.3%. Third…… Fourth 9.1% bits / waste…… 8.9% fifth / always play mobile phone…… 8.1% from the results, the choice of derailed a lot of people. Then we’ll look at the reasons. First – "this is a man derailed problems, can not forgive." (36 years old power other) "if the heart is not in, what to say?" (32 years old) "this is a pure act of betrayal. Nothing is worse than this." (28 years of Mechanical Engineering Department) since the two have been in love, then the derailment is the most unforgivable. Some people can’t stand the feeling of betrayal. – second smoking smoke will stick to my clothes, but also is not good for health." (34 years of mechanical engineering). And it looks bad, and it smells bad." (38 years of medical service) "bad for your health. After the birth of a child, which is harmful to children." 26 year old food sales office many of the men are not willing to see the appearance of women smoking, and smoke is also very concerned about the 0. If you want to be a long-term association, this can not tolerate. In third words "I heard the words, there is no good feeling." (other than 27 years old) "this may be related to personality." (34 commissary sales) "if you hear her say bad words, I very unhappy." When you’re 37 years old (IT), when you say bad things about others, it’s better to exercise restraint. Not only is the boyfriend, friends would never love a person potty mouth. After hearing, who can have a good mood? Fourth – "not waste money view." (39 year old IT technical position) "if it affects life, it’s a headache."." (37 year old IT technical position) "feeling that there will be no future planning." (31 years of travel sales) although the concept of money varies from person to person, but if it is too wasteful, there are still a lot of men mind. Later, we should also consider the issue of marriage, this is still a headache. The above lists a lot of men can not tolerate the behavior of his girlfriend. Some things can be corrected by self control, so that two people will have a better feeling, right?相关的主题文章: